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Soundtracking My Life

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soundtracking my life

In a glimpse into my non-bookish life, I thought I would share with everyone something I’ve done for a really long time. I call it “soundtracking” my life, but it’s almost more like scrapbooking my life through songs. I love music, and I, like most music lovers, enjoy making playlists and music mixes. I have all different kinds of playlists. I make playlists for novels, playlists that remind me of fictional characters, playlists that speak to a certain kind of mood.

But my favorite to make are my personal playlists. At the end of the month(or sometimes at the middle), I make a playlist of my favorite songs of the month or the songs that REALLY get to how I feel at the time. And I know hardly anyone uses mixed CDs anymore, but for some reason I really love burning these playlists onto a CD(I normally listen to them in my car). I don’t usually even keep the playlist on my iTunes, to be honest. The CD is sort of the point for me.

I don’t do this every month, but I do it quite often. Generally each CD has between fifteen and twenty songs on it. At first, it was just a way for me to listen to my favorite songs of the moment wherever I wanted, but over time it’s become important to me because I realize how in many ways, it’s become a musical road map of my life.

I don’t remember specific things that happen each month, unless they’re HUGE life events. But these CDs are a way for me to remember how I was feeling. I’ve been doing this since January 2009, so that’s quite a lot of months, even skipping some( I’ve noticed I hardly ever make one for October or December, for some reason). I don’t remember exactly what happened in January 2009, but I can pick up themes whenever I re-listen to that CD. I know that was a bit of a rough month–the music’s shown me. And I know that March 2011 was awesome(seriously, all upbeat songs), even though there wasn’t a big life event I remember that makes it so.

It’s also quite interesting(and sometimes embarrassing), to realize how much my musical taste have changed. My August 2009 CD is full of country. . . which is a genre I haven’t listened to in years. Mostly, I’m glad my seventeen-year-old self started making these CDs on a whim. They really have become the soundtrack of my life over the past few years.

Soundtracking your Life:

Am I alone in doing this? I feel like I know more people who have started making monthly playlists, so maybe I’m not alone! Do you make certain mixes based on your mood? Or do you do anything else to sort of “scrapbook”(other than actually scrapbooking) your life?


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