I have a separate page for my review archives if that’s what you’re looking for, but this page is an archive for all discussion and feature posts. Posts are sorted by general category.

Book-Specific Discussions

Discussion posts that are specific to issues present in specific book. For example, my post about gender and The Hunger Games is what I call a “book-specific discussion” post.

Boys in Pink, Girls in Blue: Gender Roles and The Hunger Games

Young Adult Dystopias and PTSD

General Discussions

Posts about reading habits, pet peeves, bookish gifts and cool things, etc.

Supporting Literacy Nonprofits 

Talkin’ About Titles

The Serious Kid & Book Reviewing

Why I Hate “The X’s Wife/Daughter” Titles

Why Reading in Context is a Necessity

Should I Continue Reading this Series? A Handy Flowchart!

So Twisty! So turny! Except When It’s Not

Round-Up: Book Trading Programs

Book Hang-Ups I Need to Get Over

From Page to Screen: My Favorite and Least Favorite Movie Adaptations

Baking Related Posts

It is part of my blog title, after all!

Baking the Perfect Cheesecake

Valentine’s Day Treats Round-Up

“A Letter To. . . ” Feature

Sometimes, I write letters to fictional characters. Here’s where to find them.

A Letter To. . . Female Characters

A Letter To. . . Hermione Granger

Take a Chance on a Classic Series

Take a Chance on: Sherlock Holmes

Take a Chance on: Jane Eyre

Take a chance on: The House of Mirth

Other Features

Posts about songs + book choices, childhood favorites, etc.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Literary Minded

What I’m Excited For in 2013

My Top 25 Songs + Book Pairings(1)

My Top 25 Songs + Book Pairings(2)

My Top 25 Songs+Book Pairings(3)

Personal Posts:

Blogging Promises to Myself

Goodbye College–You Will Be Missed

Booking Through College

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