Book Review: Make it Right by Megan Erickson

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Make it Right

by Megan Erickson

Make it Right

Original Publication Date: September 9, 2014
Length: 336 pages
Publisher: William Morrow Impulse

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#2 in the Bowler University series
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Max Payton lives by two rules:
Size and strength win any fight, and never show weakness.

When a rash of assaults sends Bowler University for a tail spin, Max volunteers to help teach a self-defense class. One of the other instructors is the beautiful pixie-faced girl he keeps butting heads with…and who challenges everything he thought he knew.

Lea Travers avoids guys like Max – cocky jocks who assume she’s fragile because of a disability caused by a childhood accident. She likes to be in control, and something about being with Max makes her feel anything but. But during the moments he lets his guard down, Lea sees a soul as broken inside as she is outside. Trusting him is a whole other problem…

When the assaults ramp up and hit close to home, Lea and Max must learn, before it’s too late, that true strength can come from vulnerability…and giving in to trust is sometimes the only way to make things right.


After finishing Make it Count, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to read Make it Right. I really liked Make it Count, but I knew Make it Right focused on Max, and well, it was hard for me to see how Max could be redeemed, since several times in the first book I just wanted someone to punch him. In the end, though, I think I actually liked this one more than the first book!

So the main couple in Make it Right is Max and Lea. Max is a stubborn “tough” guy who tends to flirt with every girl and can be a jerk to his friends at time, but yet bakes gourmet cat treats for his stray-cat-turned-pet(it’s adorable). He’s also struggling with coming to the terms he’s going to have to work at his father’s mechanic shop after graduation and trying to be better after the events of Make it Count. Lea’s a fun girl who can hold her own, but has her own trust issues and doesn’t want to let anyone in(I know that sounds like a stereotypical NA couple, but really Max and Lea are so much more than that).

The relationship in Make it Count was fun, but I never really shipped Alec and Kat like I do Max and Lea. Max and Lea have so much fun give-and-take in their interactions and it’s just such a joy to watch the two of them square off. Megan Erickson has a certain quirky humor she adds into her books with ease, and I think Make it Right is probably my favorite in terms of dialogue and things that made me laugh out loud, even though it’s a little bit more serious than Make it Count.

I think it also helped my opinion that I found Make it Right a little less predictable than the first book. Obviously it’s a romance so there’s some measure of predictability there anyway, but the journey to the end of the book surprised me a few times and that made me really glad. Max and Lea are both so stubborn I thought their journey to getting together would take longer than it did, so I was pretty happy with the pacing.

On the whole I’ve enjoyed Megan Erickson’s NA books so far. All three of them have definitely had a lot of what I wanted to see more in the genre, and I like that even when they’re dramatic and angsty they’re never “two super damaged people heal each other” but it’s more of couples empowering each other, which is great! That being said, I think Make it Right is my favorite so far.


I didn’t think I could like Max, but Make it Right proved me wrong. It was a really endearing read and while it was a little bit more serious than the first book in the series, I also enjoyed the couple more.  4/5 cupcakes.




4 Stars

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5 responses to “Book Review: Make it Right by Megan Erickson

    • Stormy

      Hmm, it’s kinda one that’s on the fence? You could totally read them out of order & it would make sense, but I think the character arcs are better when read in order. Even though they feature different main characters, the MC of this one(Max) has a pretty foundation, though secondary, story in the first book, and I don’t think I would have appreciated his character arc nearly as much if I hadn’t read Make it Count first. So, you totally could & be able to follow the story just fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  1. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    I read this last year. I thought it was cute, but I wasn’t in love. I have read the first book, though. I did like the whole stray cat thing adorable, though.

    • Stormy

      Yes, the stray cat was adorable! I had some trouble with Max in Make it Count, but the cat really began to make up for a lot of that.

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