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Posted February 16, 2017 by Stormy in Books / 0 Comments

I love giving book recommendations(obviously). And I never really do 1:1 recommending on my blog, so I’ve decided to occasionally do these “If you like this, try this next” types of posts. I know many people do these, but hopefully I’ll throw out some new suggestions. For now, each installment will have 4-6 sets of recommendations.

If you liked Salt to the Sea, try Out of Darkness

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Both books are about little-remembered parts of history that have tragic tones. While both Salt to the Sea and Out of Darkness have some incredibly sad parts, they also manage to both be hopeful in parts, even while the overall tone is one of impending disaster. Salt to the Sea is about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustoff, while Out of Darkness is about the New London, Texas school explosion. They both also have a somewhat similar narrative structure, with short chapters that alternate third person POVs.

If you liked The Only Thing Worse than Me is You, try Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here

Only Thing Worse is Scarlett Epstein


Both books have nerdy characters and an overall humorous tone. Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here is sarcastic and dry, while The Only Thing Worse than Me is You’s humor relies more on banter and nerdiness. Both are fun, quick reads filled with squee-worthy sections.

If You liked Tell the Wolves I’m Home, try Golden Boy

Tell the Wolves I'm Golden


Both are adult books with teen protagonist, strong cross-over appeal, and literary writing. Tell the Wolves I’m Home is about a fourteen-year-old girl discovering the life her uncle, who dies from AIDs at the beginning of the book, kept from her and her own journey of self-discovery. Golden Boy is about Max, an intersex boy who survives a traumatic event and has to confront his identity as a result of that in really strong ways for the first time, and the way those around him react. Both are quick, heart-wrenching reads.

If you like The Rest of Us Just Live Here, try I Am the Messenger

The Rest of Us are Messengers


Both The Rest of Us Just Live Here and I Am the Messenger deal with living an “ordinary” life. In The Rest of Us Just Live Here, that means the book focuses on three mostly-normal teens who live in what might as well be a Buffy episode. Weird, supernatural things happen, but the characters the book follows aren’t the ones who save the world. In I Am the Messenger, one moment of bravery leads to the main character doing extraordinary things in his previously ordinary life. Both books are a little strange and post-modern.

If you like The Accident Season, then try Wonders of the Invisible World

The Accident Season of the Invisible World


Both books are incredibly atmospheric and similar in tone. In each, for a large part of the narrative you’re left wondering if something supernatural is really happening or not, and the characters have to learn how to unravel traumatic events that have happened in the past.