Review Policy

As of April 25, 2014, I am once again CLOSED to review requests.

Special Note: I only respond to interview/guest posts emails and invitations that I am interested in. Feel free to send follow up emails in a reasonable time frame(longer than 1 month since initial email), but I reserve the right to not reply to invitations I am uninterested in.

My policy for book reviews is to give honest, sometimes critical, but always polite reviews. I understand that there are certain things that do not appeal to me in books that others may like, and I will try to point out what I personally perceive as strengths or weaknesses in a work. All reviews are 100% my personal opinions and I am not compensated in any way for reviews. I also state on each review I started posting after March 1st, 2013, my method of obtaining a book in the interest of full disclosure.


I can’t pigeon-hole myself into a certain genre, but I do have favorites.

I am most likely to read the follow genres:

  • Young adult of most any genre
  • Dystopia
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary and realistic fiction
  • memoirs
  • Compelling non-fiction
  • science fiction

I will read the follow genres, but only under certain circumstances:

  • Historical(depending on the time period, which just varies)
  • Horror(I enjoy horror. I do not enjoy books with a high amount of gore)

I do NOT read:

  • Adult romance
  • Gore-heavy horror
  • Erotica
  • Westerns
  • Mysteries


Review Scale:

I like to use the Goodreads scale for reviews, with one addition, which measures books from one to five stars. My scale is as follows:

Zero stars–Could not finished/had problem with the work. If I put zero stars on a book, it means that I think there is something besides “I just didn’t like it”.  It may mean that I am suspicious of some ethical issue, or find something personally troubling. I typically finish every book and I do not use zero stars very often.

One star– Personally did not like it. I didn’t like this book, and may have even thrown it across the room a few times, but I realize other people may enjoy the work. A review I leave for a one star book will always aim to be constructive and not inflammatory. This is not what I want this blog to be about.

Two stars — It was OK/had potential. There were moments of brilliance here, but I just didn’t find a follow-through. These books are just the “meh” books– they don’t inspire passion either way.

Three stars– Entertaining/nothing special. These are books that I enjoyed but won’t cherish. I might recommend someone checking them out at the library or buying them used, but may tell others it’s not worth full price.

Four stars–Getting close to awesome level. These are books that are very good, with maybe one or two caveats. Most likely, books at this level I find well-written and well-thought out, but perhaps don’t appeal to me as deeply as it might to others. These are books that are still re-read material and will not be going back to the bookstore for used book credit.

Five stars–Amazing! The best of the best. My favorites that I foresee being on my bookshelf for years to come. The equivalent to a standing ovation.


I accept finished books, ARCs, and e-books that are Kindle compatible. I will not sell ARCs after reading, but with permission I may pass them on to other bloggers or give them away. I will not review ARCs prior to 1 month of publishing date unless I am asked to do so otherwise.

At this time, I don’t review self-published work.

Review Time:

I will make every effort to read books in order to review them around publication date or when requested, but make no concrete guarantees.

FTC Disclosure:

I state where I obtain all my books at the top of a review. I sometimes receive books from authors or publishers for review in exchange for an honest opinion. I never receive compensation for these reviews.

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