Back from an Unexpected Hiatus!

Posted April 29, 2018 by Stormy in Books / 6 Comments

You might notice I haven’t posted in awhile, despite just coming back from a hiatus during the end of my last semester of grad school. Well, there’s a reason for that unexplained break. . . I got a librarian job! I’m excited to finally be able to do the work I’m passionate about and was went to school for, but accepting that job meant a lot of changes. I moved to the other side of the state, had to find a new place to live, etc.

I’ve been in my new role for about three weeks now and so far it’s going pretty well, though I think I’d like to keep things about my actual job vague here. I also wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take the blog in after getting my degree, so you might see some changes. I’ll still be doing some book reviews and personal posts, but some library posts (about programs, topics, etc.) might creep in. At the same time, I want my book reviews to be for readers, so I don’t anticipate much change on how I actually manage this blog in the day-to-day, at least not right now.

So hello again, welcome back, grab a cupcake and let’s get reading!


6 responses to “Back from an Unexpected Hiatus!

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