The Saturday Morning Cup: The Late & Random Edition

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saturday morning cup

Good morning! For anyone who doesn’t know, the Saturday morning cup is a feature on the blog in which I discuss random, non-bookish, often personal and/or vulnerable topics(though it’s open to anything, so sometimes are less serious than others!). This is the late edition because of course it is now Monday morning as I write this, but I didn’t want to wait until this upcoming weekend to get it out.

Sometimes my Saturday morning cup post have a theme, but I just kinda wanted to ramble a bit about life, blogging, & school, so I’m sitting down and just going to put the first thing that comes to my head in this blog post. This is me & my first draft mind, basically.

School. Man, I have such conflicting feelings about grad school. Right now I am on track to graduate in December, which is exciting but also nerve-wracking! What happens after that? WHO KNOWS. Also, right now I feel so ready to be done with school but I felt that way after I got my B.A. too, and then within a year I was ready to go back. I’m good at being a student. I LIKE being a student. Currently, I look forward to having my degree and think so wistfully about what it will be like to feel like my time is my own again. Sure, I’ll have work and other projects, but there’s a lack of ongoing homework/paper/tests. Also, I’m taking a summer class right now. I actually really like my class, but I’m dreading the fact that the fall semester starts like two weeks after my summer class ends.

Happy Planner. So I got a Happy Planner for Christmas. I’ve been using it regularly for the past six months, but only in the past few weeks have I really gotten into the whole planner decorating trend. I’m never going to spend hours and hours and lots of money on making my planner look amazing like some people do, but I am now fully on board with planner stickers and washi tape.

Summer. I AM DYING. You would think I would be use to the 105+ heat day after day in the later half of July & all of August because I have lived in Texas my entire life & it’s like this year after year, but I’m not. I literally put off taking my trash out for two days because I REFUSED to drag the full garbage bag to the bin if it wasn’t at least 8 PM and less than 100 degrees.

Clutter. I am moving apartments soon(staying at my same complex, but moving to a slightly nicer unit in a different building). And every time I move I want to get rid of clutter. I FEEL like I have a ton of clutter. . . but that also makes me wonder what a ton of clutter really is? I have much, much less stuff than most of my friends do. Everything I own is out and about, pretty much. I have a teeny tiny box of storage I keep in my closet for holiday decorations, and that’s about it. And yet I still feel like I have way too much to move. I have a box of books I’m hoping to sell to the used bookstore, and some clothes I want to try & sell. I’ve never sold clothes before, though, so I’m not sure the best way to go about it. Most of the ones I want to sell are brand new(like, still tags on. . . sigh. I ordered them online & never got around to returning them within the designated return period).

Audiobooks & Stardew Valley. I have listened to more audiobooks in the past month then I think I have in the past 3 years, and it’s mainly because I’ve been playing a LOT of Stardew Valley. I’ve always liked the idea of audiobooks, but I could never find a time to listen to them that worked for me. I don’t like listening to them in the car because I prefer to listen to music while I’m driving. I find music more relaxing, which is necessary when you drive through the construction zones that I do on a daily basis. And I can’t do audiobooks while I’m doing stuff around the house because I find I can’t concentrate on the story. But listening while I play a laid-back game? That I can do. I’m listening to Big Little Lies right now. I don’t love the narrator, but I am hooked on finding out what’s going on in the story.

YOUR CUP: All right, I’ll go ahead and drink my coffee now while passing you a beverage of your choice.  What’s on your mind today? Are you currently dying in summer heat like I am?



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