26 Things I’m Into Lately

Posted May 17, 2017 by Stormy in Books / 11 Comments

It’s my 26th birthday, so I thought I would share 26 things I’m into lately! “Lately” has a very nebulous definition,  but I figure everyone has already heard me rave about Gilmore Girls enough time to know it’s my favorite show ever and that doesn’t really need to be restated.

  1. The Great British Bake-Off
  2. My Happy Planner
  3. The chocolate donut with salted caramel and coffee icing my a local donut shop
  4. Target dollar spot
  5. Poetry
  6. Yuri!!! on Ice
  7. Giant Days comic
  8. Blackberry vanilla Sprite from Sonic
  9. Podcasts
  10. My current haircut
  11. NYX gel lipstick in Sacred Mix
  12. books about fan culture (I’ve read & loved Radio Silence and Queens of Geek recently)
  13. Farm Rich’s avocado bites, which I haven taken to frying & eating on corn tortillas with poblano ranch & cheese, thus mimicking my favorite fried avocado tacos from Torchy’s
  14. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries
  15. This mint tote from Modcloth
  16. Polka dotted sunglasses from Target
  17. Imaginary Future’s album Sunlight
  18. My favorite dress which always makes me feel like I can conquer the world when I wear it because it has POCKETS
  19. Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Glisten
  20. This 12 second video of a bird dancing to the Beach Boy’s Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  21. Purity Ring’s album another eternity
  22. Burt’s Bees lip balm in vanilla bean
  23. My bulletin board full of Redbubble stickers
  24. Listening to fanmixes on Playmoss
  25. Talenti caramel cookie crunch gelato
  26. Prismacolor water-soluble colored pencils

LET’S CHAT: What have you been into lately? 


11 responses to “26 Things I’m Into Lately

  1. Happy belated Birthday!! I love the sunglasses!! And I’m the worst with spending money at Target in general, but especially the dollar aisle. I’m into podcasts right now too and looking for new ones. I just started my own podcast, and it’s definitely a new obsession!! The mint tote is adorable too!!

    • Stormy

      Thank you! And yes, GBBO definitely makes me want to bake all the things. I haven’t baked in a long time, which is sad because I used to love it(as evident by the blog title). I don’t know if you’ve ever tried fried avocados, but they’re delicious and I will always order them if they’re on the menu.

  2. Sas

    Happy Birthday!
    I hope you’re having a nice day and can enjoy it 🙂

    As for your question I have to say “The Good Wife”. I’ve been watching it with my wife for a few weeks now (we just started S3 last Sunday) and we really really love it! I would never have thought that I would enjoy it that much…

    • Stormy

      Thank you!
      I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Good Wife! The only thing I know about it is that the actor who played Logan on Gilmore Girls plays a large part in it.

      • Sas

        It is very good! It’s about a stay-at-home-mom who has to start working again after her husband, a State’s Attorney, has been jailed because of a political corruption and sex scandal to care for her children. Alicia starts working at the law firm of her college boyfriend as a junior associate. In her first year she has to compete with Cary (Logan 😉 ) for further employment.
        The show is about the cases they fight but also the personal issues of Alicia like her coping with the cheating of her husband and everything that came with it (like the press and her being now alone with her children Zach and Grace).

        I can really recommend to at least trying it. I never thought I would like it that much since I am not that much into law shows, but “The Good Wife” has interesting cases and – most importantly – kick-ass female characters! <3

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