Get Your Ebooks!(34)

Posted March 18, 2017 by Stormy in Books / 2 Comments

You know the drill!

Under $2

Under $5


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    • Stormy

      I really enjoyed The Naturals! I didn’t continue on with the series because by the time the sequel came out I had forgot a lot of it, but I do remember reading the first book all in one way sitting. If you’re going to skip on one, I will say I was pretty meh about The Killer in Me. There’s a paranormal element that’s not mentioned anywhere in the blurb, and I thought I was getting a straight-up crime YA.

      I’ve read both The Walls Around Us & Asking for It and liked them both, and I really, really love The Walls Around Us. It’s one of my faves too, I really want to re-read sometime this year.

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