Top Eight Booktubers You Should Watch(Top Ten Tuesday)

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top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, which features (you guessed it!) top ten lists on a given topic each week. This week’s topic is Ten Bookish(Booktube, bookstagram, etc.) People you should follow. I narrowed down my list to just talking about BookTube since I had been planning on writing a recommendation post for some of my favorite channels anyway.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about thoughts on booktube and blogging, which turned out slightly more controversial than I anticipated since my thoughts basically boiled down to “both booktube and blogging are hard work, both can be awesome, but BookTube is not for me as much since I don’t like watching video reviews because I like to skim reviews”. All those things are still true(I skip almost every book review in my subscription list), but I have found some BookTube channels I REALLY like, and I’ve also found that BookTube is really good for finding book recs based upon themes. So here are EIGHT BookTube channels I enjoy. I went with eight instead of ten because most of the other BookTubers I follow are already well-known, so I tried to vary my list up a bit more.

 1. ChapterStackss

You know how I said I skip almost every book review in my subscription bar? Yeah, Katie’s channel is why I don’t skip every review. Generally I prefer written reviews to video ones, but Katie’s are so great because she’s articulate, concise, and thoughtful when it comes to evaluating books. I love hearing her thoughts on psychological thrillers.

Watch for: Psychological thriller & horror recs

Favorite videos: You by Caroline Kepnes review, Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

2. Novels and Nonsense

I started following Novels and Nonsense a few months ago, and I’m astounded at Samantha’s reading productivity. I like how her videos are always informative but to the point. I also just like the variety of the kinds of videos she does.

Watch for: fantasy recs

Favorite videos: Any Top 5 Wednesday, Underhyped Fantasy Books

3. ProblemsofaBookNerd

I am only on my third BookTube recommendation and I feel like I’m already running out of ways to say “I like this person’s videos because they’re great and informative”, but really. . . CeCe’s channel is great and informative. I particularly enjoy her channel because of the variety of books discussed(YA! Adult! Fantasy! Contemporary! As someone who can never stick within one genre, I LOVE when I see other people reading widely too), and she always has some of the best themed recommendation videos.

Watch for: LGBTQIA recs, YA recs

Favorite videos: Favorite LGBTQIA+ Books #2, Non-Romantic Book Recommendations

4. Saidthestory

So, fun fact: sometimes I have trouble watching this channel, not because of anything on the channel, but because I have a friend who looks similar & has VERY similar mannerisms and speech patterns to the BookTuber behind this channel. And oh yeah, they have the same name. I’ve even shown this channel to my friend & she got weirded out too. ANYWAY, all that being said, Ashley’s channel is great, especially for graphic novel recs.

Watch for: YA & graphic novel/comic recs
Favorite Videos: Cozy Reading Recommendations, Top Graphic Novels of 2015

5. shemightbemonica

Perhaps this is a weird reason to like a channel, but I really like Monica’s channel partially because there’s a consistency in her videos. Which isn’t to say that she doesn’t read widely(because she does), but I know they’re always going to be high quality and I’ll always enjoy them. Also, her taste in fantasy is close to mine so I always get good book recs.

Watch for: YA and adult fantasy recs
Favorite videos: A bunch of comic book reviews, most anticipated book releases of 2016

6. Super Space Chick

Kristin’s channel is just SO FUN. Her videos are always full of energy and personality and I am jealous of her bookshelves. I also like the variety of videos she does.

Watch for: all speculative(fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) recs
Favorite videos: Top 5 NYC Bookstores, The Winner’s Kiss Cover Change

7. Jen Campbell

I think Jen might be the most widely-read human ever. I don’t know if anyone is more knowledgeable about books. Our taste don’t always line up, but every time I watch one of her videos I come away with new books I want to read. A good portion of my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads is the product of watching Jen’s channel. She also makes so many videos & is so productive. I’m basically just in awe.

Watch for: EVERYTHING(seriously)
Favorite videos: Non-fiction recommendations, Unusual narrative structures, ten books under 200 pages

8. Stacks of Books

I think I first found Molly’s channel when looking for BookTubers who read YA contemporary, because for some reason while YA is hugely popular on BookTube, it seems contemporary is not as much. I subscribed because of the eclectic mix of books she discusses.

Watch for: YA contemporary & classic recs
Favorite videos: Representation in YA, Molly’s Must Reads





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