The Sunday Wrap-Up{85}

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My Week

 So. . . my last weekly wrap up basically amounted to “I’m waiting to hear about stuff and it’s making me mopey.” WELL. . . I got good news this week! Yay! I’m not ready to share until everything is 100% settled, which I know is always kinda annoying to read, but I want to make sure before I share, you know? Also, if you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve been in the middle of a job search, so I will say the good news is NOT that, just to clear that part up(because it’s the first thing I think of when I think about good news, now. How the job search changes us, my friends.) The first half of 2015 was often a struggle so it’s nice that SOMETHING good happened.

On Book Blog Bake

 Monday I reviewed The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen, which is a book I will heartily give a thumb’s up.
Tuesday I shared my top 10 most anticipated releases for the rest of the year.
Wednesday I shared my review on The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. . . and so far it seems like I’m a bit of a black sheep.
Thursday I shared another I Rec’d it post.
Friday I had a DNF round-up.


The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker
Bone Gap by Laura Ruby



 Question of the Week:

What do you think your patronus would be? (I feel like I MIGHT have asked this before, but if I have it’s been awhile, so. . . share away!) I always feel like mine would be some kind of bird of prey, like a hawk, but I’m not sure why I feel that way. Just that it would be.



14 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up{85}

    • Stormy

      haha, I don’t mean to be cryptic. . . I just don’t want to share before everything is 100% squared away. Hopefully soon though! If job news followed I would be ecstatic. I’m definitely crossing my fingers for that to happen, though.

  1. I really have no idea what my patronus would actually be, but I’d like to think it’s a hedgehog. You already know they’re my favorite animal, so maybe it’s cheating. But I think of myself as rather prickly, despite the fact that people always seem to think I’m innocent and harmless (like a hedgehog – deceptively prickly).

    I’m so happy that you’re finally getting some well-deserved good news. 😀

    • Stormy

      I love your description of deceptively prickly! I like the idea of a patronus hedgehog. Plus, it’d probably be a pretty unique patronus!

  2. Yay for good news! Definitely share when you can!

    I just took a quiz about the patronus thing because I have no idea what I think mine would be, and I got a horse, which I like! I could also see maybe a cat or fox.

    • Stormy

      Hopefully soon!

      I love that you took a quiz. I would have never thought of a horse as a patronus, but I think it could make a lot of sense depending on the person. They definitely signify strength!

  3. That’s good to hear something good happened, although now I am curious what good thing happened. And yes I immediately thought of the job search thing. Job searching really changes you and is hard, I’ve been through it as well and I hate it and hope never to go back to job searching. The best thing I did was stop searching and focus on what I already had (my own business), which hopefully is finally paying off for me.
    I hope you have a great week!

    • Stormy

      I don’t mean to be curious on purpose! Promise. I just don’t want to share until everything’s 100% sure(because I’ve learned by experience there’s nothing like sharing good news and then having to share that good news is no longer relevant). Yeah, the job search is tough. I keep crossing my fingers that good stuff happens soon.

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