The Sunday Wrap-Up{83}

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My Week

 My week was good! It was quieter than normal because my dad was out of town for a conference for the majority of it(which meant there was lack of remodeling going on. When I say quieter I mean quieter. No power tools!) I’ve also been working on some ~stuff, but it’s all up in the air right now so I don’t want to share too many details(annoying, I know). It’s been really rainy and overcast here lately, so I admit I’ve had trouble motivating myself to do a whole lot, but I think the animals are enjoying a slower pace since both our dog and my cat love to sit on my lap if I’m doing anything sedentary.

Also, today is my birthday! Pretty low-key, but infinitely better than last year where I had to move apartments. That was less fun. I plan on celebrating by needling the rest of my family to go to my favorite Tex-Mex place today because they have the best green sauce. And I am totally gonna buy myself the newest Kasie West book.


On Book Blog Bake

 On Monday I reviewed The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s definitely a bit introductory, but fun!
Tuesday I talked about how I’ve been doing some blog spring cleaning.
Wednesday I reviewed Made You Up by Francesca Zappia.
Thursday on The Writing Desk I talked about letting your stories age.
Friday I shared some mini-reviews.


 Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon




 Question of the Week:

Hmm, hmm. You think after awhile it would get easier to think of questions. How about. . . okay, if you could have any mythical creature for a pet, what would you go with? For me, I’d pick a phoenix, even though it would outlive me obviously. It could be passed down in the family.



18 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up{83}

  1. Mmm, I hope you were able to go to that restaurant and enjoyed your cilantro. 😉

    I think a phoenix would be the most practical mythical creature pet. It would also be gorgeous and useful. My other choice would be a dragon: still gorgeous but significantly less practical.

    • Stormy

      I did & it was delightful! My tiny town may not have a whole lot going for it, but we have some great Tex-Mex(perks of south Texas! Though I would argue it’s in many ways it’s own cuisine. It’s different from Tex-Mex I’ve had in other parts of Texas, but it’s not quite like the Mexican food I had in Mexico either–not that I remember a whole lot, it’s been many many years since I was there).

      Phoenixs are just so cool! When I was younger & first venturing onto the internet all my usernames involved the word phoenix in some capacity. I don’t 100% remember what it was, but I remember my livejournal and Xanga(oh, the days) usernames both being about phoenixes. A pet dragon would be pretty awesome if you could control the fire risk.

      • Yummm. You know, my list of reasons to visit Texas has drastically grown since I “met” you. (Let’s not talk about where it started out…)

        Hahaha, old Internet names are so embarrassing. I think I had an arwen4ever or something along those lines. Not that phoenixes are embarrassing!

    • Stormy

      Thank you!
      Ugh, the rainy and yucky. A few days is nice because it makes me want to curl up with a book. A week? I start to feel sluggish.

    • Stormy

      Thank you! And a happy belated birthday to you. Biased, but pretty sure it’s a fact May birthdays are the best. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Sounds like you had a good week, it must be nice to have some quiet around the house.
    I can’t think of any mythological creature I would like as a pet, I am petty happy with our pet rats, although it would be fun if they could talk.

    • Stormy

      Thank you! Yes, the quiet was nice. Ooh, pet rats sound cool. I love when people have less traditional pets, it’s fun to talk about. When I was younger I had hermit crabs and I was REALLY into them(I, uh, may have made a website dedicated to them).

  3. Happy birthday!

    I have to think about a mythical creature. A phoenix could be nice. I’d also be interested in a mini-dragon. I don’t think I have room for a big one! (Or, if I could have a mini-anything, I would want a mini-elephant!)

    • Stormy

      Thank you!
      Ha, a mini-dragon was my second response! Dragons are cool(but there’s that whole fire hazard thing). A long time ago I wrote a story with shape-shifting dragons that could control their size when they transformed(up to a certain point–as they could go smaller but not larger), and I think I added that because I just really, really wanted mini-dragons to exist, at least in my imagination.

  4. Happy birthday Stormy, I hope you’ve bought yourself that book. It’s not a happy birthday until a much wanted book purchase has been made!
    Like Amy, I’m not good with mythical creatures. I’ve always wanted a pet monkey though! 🙂

    • Stormy

      Thanks Trish!
      I have not bought myself a book yet, but I definitely plan to buy myself the new Kasie West! In fact, I’ll probably do that today.
      Oh, a pet monkey sounds cool. I have to admit that I don’t really like monkeys, but I know they’re very popular animals.

  5. Happy Birthday, Stormy!

    I’m sad that I can’t think of very mythical creatures… unicorn, pegasus, phoenix… what else is there? I really would like a pet penguin though, preferably one that doesn’t need the cold. 🙂

    • Stormy

      Thank you!
      Hmm. . . sphinx! or actually, my first thought after phoenix was a manticore. Or dragons! Not that I’d want a dragon as a pet, kinda a fire hazard. A penguin is a good choice, though! I love penguins.

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