The Sunday Wrap-Up{79}

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My Week

 Ugh, this week and I got off on the wrong foot. On Monday, my precious kindle started malfunctioning. I’m still trying a few things to get it up and running on the off chance it has not gasped its last breath, but I’m not optimistic & have started considering replacement options. It’s 5 years old, so it’s had a longer lifespan than I honestly expected it to, but I am still not looking forward to replacing it. Also on Monday, I got notice that I didn’t get a job I was really, really crossing my fingers for, so, yeah, Monday was pretty much a downer all around, and the first half of the week pretty much kept that pattern.

The middle of my week did start to get a little better, as I started to look into some plans for a next step(vague, I know, but I don’t want to jinx anything!), and I got to go to a library sale, which always cheers me up, even though I hardly bought anything. Just being around books is soothing to me. I did try to find the bright spots this week, but yeah, not the best week I’ve had(I’m trying to not be too down about it, but that’s kinda an understatement.)

On Book Blog Bake

 On Monday I talked about what I like to see in bookish romances as a fairly non-romantic person.
Tuesday I shared my top ten inspirational quotes from books.
Wednesday I talked about how I come up with ideas for discussions.
Thursday I reviewed All the Rage, which has been one of my favorite books of the year so far.
Friday I reviewed Not Otherwise Specified, which was my second 5 star review in a row!(It’s always nice when that happens.)

Favorite 5

 #WeeklyBookstagram| A New Instagram Photo Challenge @ The Book Addict’s Guide
If you, like me, like the IDEA of bookish instagram challenges but can never keep up with the daily ones, Brittany is starting a weekly bookstagram challenges.

Book Covers Through the Eyes of a Synesthese(Part 2) @ Oh, the Books!
Kelley shares how her synesthesia impacts how she sees book covers and the visuals she shared are super interesting!

Why I Still Read and Write Reviews @ Girl in the Pages
I still read & appreciate reviews, so I thoroughly enjoyed this post about reviews.


 Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy
Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz
Fairest by Marissa Meyers
17 & Gone by Nova Ren Suma
The Ruining by Anna Collomore
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli(re-read)


Back in December, I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and I put a good chunk of that towards some pre-orders. Well, my first pre-order package came in:

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma(which I’ve already read & loved, and wanted a finished copy)
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli(same)
Lady Thief by A.C. Gaughen(I pre-ordered the paperback)


 Question of the Week:

 Would you rather take a vacation to a solitary location(like, think cabin in the woods or something like that), or a bustling foreign city? Mine would depend on my mood, but most of the time I think I’d pick the city.



10 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up{79}

  1. Oh I am so sorry that you had a crappy week! I hope things get better. 🙂 Personally, where I like to vacation also depends on my mood. I am living in Italy and there are may bustling cities I have been to that are beautiful. But honestly, I kind of like the quiet countryside parts of Italy a little bit more.

    • Stormy

      Thanks! I hope it’s one of those weeks where the next one HAS to be better.
      Ah, I’ve never been to Italy so of course I can’t say, but from what I’ve heard the countryside is beautiful. I think I’d like to see that part too.

  2. Stormy, I’m so sorry about the job. I know that saying “it’s not you, it’s…[a million factors stacked against you]” isn’t terribly helpful, but really, it’s NOT you.

    I read Kelley’s post about synesthesia, too, and thought it was super interesting. I guess I was vaguely aware that synesthesia existed, but I’d never really thought about what it actually meant.

    Hmm, my answer also depends on my mood. I do love foreign cities and being anonymous in a crowd, but my favorite vacation spot is a small island near Aruba, and I would always pick that first if given the choice.

    • Stormy

      Yeah, it just gets frustrating. It is nice to hear, though. I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket but I had really been crossing my fingers for that particular job. None of the other rejections I’ve gotten have really impacted me as much as that one.

      I always love Kelley’s synesthesia posts because I have synesthesia too, but not the same kind as Kelley. My letters don’t have colors, though a few of my numbers do. Pretty much all of my forms deal with numbers, except that my days of the week also have colors.

      That vacation spot sounds wonderful! I think I’d like to visit some of the more isolated vacation spots, but not until I’ve been to some other places first. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much, but I definitely want to. My parents were never big travelers growing up, so I think that sparked a lot of my curiosity.

      • I didn’t know that! I know you said you are good at differentiating between hues. Is that related to synesthesia at all?

        I hope you get to travel more in the near future. (As I’ve told Terri, I love planning and talking about trips, so let me know if you ever need any advice, haha.) Besides the money issue, I think starting out is the hardest part. Once you do, though, it’s completely addictive. I’m really lucky that I got to travel so much growing up – in part because I’m an only child, and in part because my parents are extremely frugal, and any extra money went to traveling. I didn’t have TV, an allowance, or other things my childhood friends had, but I ALWAYS appreciated that it meant I got to travel. Unfortunately I haven’t really gotten to travel since I graduated from college, but I hope I will again some day.

        • Stormy

          It doesn’t come up very often because I don’t have any of the forms of synesthesia that tend to really impact my life!(they impacted my classes a little bit, though.) I’m not sure if being able to differentiate between hues is technically related to synesthesia, but I do think there might be a link. My most prominent type is my number form, or how I view numbers spatially, so it doesn’t have anything to do with colors at all(only my days of the week & a *few* of my numbers are colored–my synesthesia associations aren’t very strong. They were stronger when I was younger, but I’ve read it’s not uncommon for them to weaken during adolescence.)

          I hope I do! I really want to, but the money is one thing of course & then also I’m afraid of flying. I’ll do it, but it takes me HOURS to work up the courage(which, I mean, I guess it’s a good thing you have to be at the airport early enough to get through security). I just don’t like feeling like I’m hurtling through the air in a skybus(which is how I always think of airplanes).

          • I should really just go read about synesthesia myself, because I don’t want to bombard you with questions. I’m sure you’ve had to explain it a million times already. It sounds kind of cool to associate numbers/letters/etc. with colors, but I guess if it makes life harder for people, that’s significantly less cool.

            Ugh, yeah, I see flying as a necessary evil. I know I loved flying as a kid, but at some point it stopped being exciting and turned into something I dread and only put up because of the reward at the end. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been convinced more than once while flying that I’m about to die. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It sounds like your fear is more intense, though. I don’t know if this helps, but I actually find long flights (8-14 hours) much more tolerable than short flights. For some reason long flights don’t feel as much like flying to me. Part of it is that you can take off your shoes, sleep, and/or watch movies, but also the speed is steady enough that it’s easier to forget you’re even moving. So maybe you’d do better if you went to Europe or Australia?

            • Stormy

              Well, I totally don’t mind answering questions, but it’s still relatively new to me too! It’s funny, because looking back at when I was a kid I have very strong memories about how I would tell my parents about how numbers were colored “wrong” or what have you, but I didn’t realize that it was how most people perceived the world. And as that particular form weakened, I just never thought about it because I don’t have most of the types that are usually described(associating letters with colors, or seeing colors when I hear sounds, etc.) I only realized it about a year and a half ago when I was reading a case study on ordinal linguistic personification(I can’t even remember why) and started arguing in my head with the participant’s examples. It’s still something I’m learning about myself. I think most people with synesthesia, in my experience, tend to find it beneficial, but I do know there are some where it becomes a hardship.

              My flying fear is a pretty weird feeling. I’m definitely fearful, but it doesn’t always feel like fear. It’s not even that I’m afraid the plane is going to crash or anything. It’s more of an anxiety, I think, but a really strong one. That actually does kind of help! So far the longest flight I’ve ever been on was I think 2 hours? And that’s including the time spent getting off the plane too.I’ve only flown to California(with a layover in Phoenix), Kansas City, and Denver, all from Texas(either Austin or Dallas).

    • Stormy

      It’s so weird that being around books can just make you feel better! Even though the library sale was tiny, it was still relaxing.

      Yeah, that’s the downside of new e-readers. I feel so painfully behind on the Kindle because mine is such an older generation that I don’t even know the pros and cons of the newer ones.

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