List of Regularly Occurring Bookish Twitter Chats

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I really love participating in twitter chats. Some of the people I interact with most on social media I initially met during twitter chats, and I just find them really fun and often informative. A few days ago I sent a tweet asking if anyone had a master list of twitter chats, and when that didn’t come back with anything, I did some internet sleuthing. I found lots of sites that had master listings of writing twitter chats, twitter chats for fashion bloggers, but none that listed all the bookish chats, so I decided to try and create this resource.

So, here is the list of all the bookish twitter chats I could find! I decided that I’d list chats if they fell into this criteria:

  1. Bookish twitter chats that are not exclusively for writers. There are some chats that sometimes talk on their topic from a writing perspective and then other times discuss from a reading perspective. I included those, but left out chats(normally genre-based) that were about discussing from a writing perspective.
  2. Chat has to be reoccurring. It doesn’t matter how often they reoccur as long as they aren’t one-time chats.

I’m going to pin this page in my sidebar and keep adding to it, so if you know of a bookish twitter chat that’s not listed feel free to mention it in the comments. I was surprised by how few chats I could find(I spent hours and only found six), so if there are more I don’t know about I would love to be informed!

On the Same Page Chat

Hashtag: #otspchat
Hosted by: Amy @ Tripping Over Books, Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide, Alyssa @ Books Take You Places
Occurs: generally bi-weekly on Thursday nights at 9/8 central PM.
Topic: A general bookish chat with different topics every chat–chat topics are announced on the On the Same Page twitter ahead of time.

Bout of Books

Hashtag: #boutofbooks
Hosted by:
Chat is hosted on the Bout of Books twitter, Bout of Books readathon is hosted by Amanda and Kelly
Occurs: Bout of Books is a readathon hosted a few times a year, and there’s generally 3 chats during the week of the readathon. More info and a schedule is available on the Book of Books website.
Readathon progress & books in general.

#YAlit Chat

Hashtag: #yalitchat
Hosted by: Hosted on the #YAlitchat twitter, founded by Georgia McBride.
Occurs: Wednesdays at 9 PM EST.
Topic: Various YA literature related topics; note that some topics are more geared towards writing YA. More info available on the YALitchat site.

@BookBlogChat (UK based)

Hashtag: #bookbloggers
Hosted by:
Chat happens on the BookBloggers Chat twitter, hosted by Becky.
7-8 PM UK time. Topic: From the BookBloggers Chat twitter description: “chat books, authors, book bloggers & everything else inbetween.”


Hashtag: #K8chat
Hosted by: Kate Tilton
Occurs: Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern.
Topic: From the #k8chat page: “A publishing related chat where we discuss topics relevant to readers and authors”. More info including an upcoming schedule is listed on the page as well.


Hashtag: #litchat
Hosted by: LitChat twitter account
Occurs: Monday and Wednesdays from 4-5 PM EST.
Topic: From the LitChat website: ” a fun, fast, and friendly way for book-lovers to talk about books on Twitter.”

There are two more events I know of that also have chats–Bloggiesta and Armchair BEA. I didn’t add to the list originally because why they are regularly occurring they don’t always occur at the same time and are sometimes more blogging than book focused, but I wanted to still link to the information about the events/chats for anyone interested.

I used this list of twitter chats to help compile this list(it’s a great resource). Know of any more chats(or have updated information on any that I’ve listed?) Feel free to leave the info in the comments!



15 responses to “List of Regularly Occurring Bookish Twitter Chats

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  2. […] find at least one chart that makes them say, “Oh, that’s me!” Mine’s #10! List of Regularly Occuring Bookish Twitter Chats // Book.Blog.Bake. This post is from February, but I just stumbled across Stormy’s great list! I’ve been […]

  3. I actually would like to see an updated post for this. There are so many Twitter chats I see happening all the time that I STILL have no idea what they’re for!

  4. Kate Tilton (Froze8)

    Thanks for including #K8chat Stormy! I have so much fun talking to readers and authors every week. 🙂

  5. Maraia

    Thanks for putting together this list! I’m in the adolescent stage of Twitter, which means I’m still figuring out how it works.I participated in the Twitter chat with Jenny Han and looked in on the last OTSP chat, and they were a lot of fun! I get the impression that a lot of people use TweetDeck to help them manage? I need to look into that.

    • Stormy

      Tweetdeck or tweetchat(though I think they might have had a name change) are the ones I think people use most. I use Tweetdeck b/c you can add columns, so I’ll just add a column for each hashtag I want to follow and it makes keeping up SO much easier. I actually use Tweetdeck pretty much 90% of the time I use twitter, unless I’m on my phone. I’m a big fan, especially since Tweetdeck allows you to mute hashtags or words.

      • Maraia

        Thanks! Sounds like it will be useful.

        I didn’t have any trouble viewing the comment reply this time, BUT I wanted to comment on your February Wrap-Up post, and I couldn’t find anything that said “post a comment.” I refreshed the page several times and looked everywhere, so I have no idea why my computer(?) doesn’t get along with your blog. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m glad you got to visit a real bookstore last weekend!

        • Stormy

          Ah, that wasn’t your computer! Somehow I accidentally turned off comments on that post. I turned them back on! Sorry ’bout that. Not sure how it happened since I used a draft of a previous monthly wrap-up, but wordpress does strange things sometimes.

  6. I always appreciate what, for me, is a never before seen post and this is exactly what this is. I didn’t even know these ‘book chats’ existed! Thanks for doing all the hard work for me. 😉

    • Stormy

      It was pretty fun to put this list together! I was kinda surprised no one had done it before(at least as far as I could find). And the bookish twitter chats I’ve participated in have been really fun!

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