January 2015 Wrap-Up

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In My LifeJanuary has been such a blur! For the most part, I manage to stave off the January blues, which is new! I had a few bad days, not gonna lie(my mom’s birthday would be January 28th, and I always have some difficult grief days in January. It never really hits during the Holidays–it’s like a wave that stays far away from the shore until January and then it’s leftover holiday sadness + getting lost in those thoughts).

I also had the flu, so for a week I pretty much did nothing but watch Gilmore Girls, shiver under like 5 blankets, and SLEEP. That wasn’t so fun, and this was the second year in a row I ended up with a flu.

HOWEVER, other than those days my January good days were VERY good. I had some luck with the job search, finally! Not a job offer but I did get to set up some interviews so that’s exciting. I had a lot right when my job program ended and then they kind of petered off(probably because of the holidays, I think/hope), but things are finally starting to make me feel hopeful.

Also, my lease is up at the end of the month & I’m moving back with my family(because job search, sigh) which I have mixed feelings about, but I’m kinda looking forward to having other people around. I love living alone, really, and I hope I don’t have to live at home too long(especially since my dad’s remodeling our second bathroom, aka my bathroom, and like all the beams have to be replaced and it currently has no floor. Sharing a tiny bathroom counter with my dad and step-mom is like the thing I’m most upset about moving back home, honestly), but I’m actually kinda ready for a change, I think. We’ll see how I feel about two weeks into February.



I watched

I watched seasons 2-5 of Friday Night Lights and may have become a wee bit obsessed. No one is more surprised than me that I actually enjoyed that show, because small town Texas + football culture is not really something I want to see because I LIVED IT for several years. One day I’ll write a post about my experience growing up + FNL because I really want to discuss. Anyway, bottom line was that I actually really liked the show and there were some episodes that took my breath away in terms of writing, acting, & editing. Some excellent TV right there.

I also watched seasons 4 & 5 of Gilmore Girls within a week while I had the flu, but it’s like my gazillionth rewatch so really nothing to write home about.


I listened

I’ve been listening to Walk the Moon quite a bit this month. I’ve needed some upbeat tunes! I’ve liked Shut Up and Dance since it was released as a single but my go-to tune this month has been Work this Body.

Another favorite this month has been Wake Me Up-Avicii

And another popular one has been Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene by Hozier.



I read


5 star Reads:

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett(re-read)
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli(re-read)
When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill

4 star Reads:

 The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen
Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare
Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes
Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

3 Star Reads:

Swimming to Tokyo by Brendan St John Brown
Arranged by Catherine McKenzie
Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
My True Love Gave to Me edited by Stephanie Perkins
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

2 star Reads:

 Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden
Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

1 star & DNF Reads:

The Cost of All Things by Maggie Lehrman(DNF, sadly. This was one of my most anticipated debuts!)
Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau(DNF)



Favorite Book

I’m not counting re-reads, so. . . WHEN JOSS MET MATT. Another happy January surprise.






7 responses to “January 2015 Wrap-Up

  1. I did not expect to like FNL but my sister talked me into it and it was so, so good. Not something I want to rewatch because a lot of it is kind of tough to watch. But so good! My most breathtaking episode is the one in s4 The Son. That was good tv.

  2. Make the best of being home. 🙂
    I really want to read Arranged. LOVE Catherine McKenzie.
    You had a fantastic month in books. Happy February reading!

    • Stormy

      I’m gonna try! I’m pretty optimistic, actually, and in a much better headspace than I was right after I graduated college.

  3. Maraia

    Good luck on your upcoming job interviews! As someone who’s had to move back home more than once since graduating, I can say that yes, it’s not ideal, but it’s also not the worst thing, as long as you get along relatively well with your dad and step-mom. The nice thing about family is that you have can people around when you want, but it’s easier to tell them to leave you alone if you need your space. 🙂 The bathroom thing does sound rather inconvenient, though. Hopefully it won’t last long. In the meantime, enjoy the comforts of being at home!

    I finally watched FNL on Netflix last year, and despite finding football the most pointless sport ever, I LOVED the show. Please do write a post about it at some point!

    • Stormy

      Thank you! Yeah, I know it could be way worse. I’m actually pretty close to my family, but I really dislike my hometown. It helps to know that no matter how long it takes, it’s not a PERMANENT permanent situation. And it *does* give me a lot of freedom in my job search because it’s in a pretty centralized location to the cities that hold most of the types of jobs I’ve been applying to.

      I think FNL was so good about having football front & center but in so many ways not being *about* football. I like football okay. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but I find it entertaining to watch games sometimes & when I was in college I enjoyed going to my school’s games, but I don’t LOVE it like a lot of people in Texas do, so I could totally relate to those characters in the show.

  4. Sorry you have had the flu! Man, I love Gilmore Girls so much. I am only on my first rewatch, but I am almost done with the last season. I don’t want it to end!

    • Stormy

      Yeah, the flu was definitely the low point of the month, unfortunately.
      Gilmore Girls is my FAVORITE. It’s always been “my” show, ever since Jr. High. Though, I put off watching the last season forever. I actually just watched the last season in 2013 for the first time. I just refused to watch the ending for so long.

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