2015 Goals + Challenges

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2014 is over! HOORAY. Personally, this past year was a giant jumble of mostly not good stuff. I’m ready to get 2015 off to a better start. I’ve been thinking personally a lot about 2014–what I didn’t like about it, what things I want to be mindful of going into 2015, and also what parts I couldn’t change. Of course, as reading as large part of my life I reflected on that too. I’m going low-stress with my reading goals this year. Here are my goals.

1. Read 50 books

This shouldn’t be too difficult. I read 148 books this year, so I’m lowering this number a LOT, but I know with some life changes that might be coming up I might not have as much time for reading as I would like. 50 should be doable.

2. Read a mix of YA/adult/nonfiction

I miss reading nonfiction! I use to read it all the time. I’ll still probably read a lot of YA, but I want to read a lot of 2014’s hyped adult releases, and then also some nonfiction.

3. Participate in the Book Blogger Organization Challenge

Once upon a time, I was very organized when it came to blogging. Then I just fell behind and never really caught up. No more, I say! I know some people are happiest blogging by the seat of their pants, but that doesn’t work for me. It just causes me more stress and blogging is suppose to be a low-stress hobby.

4. Use my blog Tumblr more

I’ve been attempting to streamline my blog social media channels. I use twitter a lot(because I love it), but have still been iffy on Facebook and Tumblr. I’m deleting my blog Facebook page, but I want to spend more time using my blog Tumblr more. I actually have fun when I use Tumblr and I think it works way better for the blog than Facebook does.

5. Participate in the Dive into Diversity Challenge

Other than the Goodreads challenge, the Dive into Diversity challenge is the only one I’m committing to this year. I *think* I tend to read pretty diversely(I really need to go over the last few years of reading), but I still like the idea of making sure I intentionally read diverse books, and this is a low-commitment challenge.

So these are my reading/blogging goals for the year. I’m keeping it simple this time around! Wish me luck.

Let’s chat: What are your reading/blogging goals for the year?



3 responses to “2015 Goals + Challenges

  1. I’ve been thinking about going down to 75 or 50 books as well, just for the sake of not having to “worry” about the challenge. (A lot of people don’t do the challenge and part of me wishes I’d abstained this year too, but man I love seeing that challenge widget number go up!)

    The Tumblr thing is an interesting one! I also love Tumblr when I get on it, particularly when I fall down the hole of a particular fandom (THE 100 COUGH). Tumblr is a beautiful, dangerous space! I haven’t really done a lot with it, but I do schedule my posts to post to it and reblog whatever strikes me.

  2. Sas

    Happy new year!

    I don’t have any specific goals for 2015 but I looked up some challenges I want to try. And since I only read 36 books (which seems to be a very very very low count for a book blogger and I am a little ashamed) I will try to read at least 40 this year. I don’t know if I can achieve that but I will give my best. Apart from that I will write as many reviews as possible. The last weeks were a little stressful so that I didn’t had any time to be productive but this will change, I hope 🙂

    As for your goals: I think they sound really good and doable. I wish you all the best 🙂

  3. Great goals. I am also trying to diversify my reading this year. I fill like I read a lot of one genre and one type of author. I need to work on that.

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