The Sunday Wrap-Up{68}

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My Week

 Well, since my job ended last week I’ve been working on sending out applications and such, but it’s more complicated than the normal job hunt because I’m also trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Okay, not the rest of my life, but at least the rest of my life the next few years as far as location and potential graduate school is concerned. This week included a lot of soul-searching, a lot of staring up at the ceiling trying to figure things out, and a lot of pained journal writing.

When I haven’t been trying to figure everything out, I’ve been taking care of all those things that seem to slip by when working most of the day–mainly picking up my apartment, making all those pesky appointments like the eye doctor that I’ve been putting off, and organizing things. I’ve also been writing quite a bit. There’s something calming about being able to slip into the worlds my characters inhabit and control THEIR lives when I’m struggling to control my own.

On Book Blog Bake

Monday I shared another installment of O.W.L. mini-reviews.
Wednesday I reviewed The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, which was delightful.
Thursday I participated in What’s Next? and ask you to help me pick my next read.
Friday I reviewed Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, which has shaped up to be my favorite book read so far this year.


 The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith-Ready

Favorite 5

The S-Word @ Cuddlebuggery

Both this post & several of the comments are worth reading and thinking about.

Bookish Life: Do You Really Know Me? @ Oh, the Books!

Asti talks about online friendship & I basically want to just applaud everything she’s said.

Shout or Secret? @ So Obsessed With

I love this post about books we want to “shout” about and books we want to keep “secret”. I know I have a few books that feel so personal to me that the desire to keep them “secret” is strong.

Discussion: Being a Diversifying Reading or Being a Diverse Reader @ The Book Addict’s Guide

Brittany talks about being a diverse reader in terms of genre, category, etc. and reading outside your comfort zone.

 Question of the Week:

I’ve decided to add this to my weekly wrap-ups because it’s fun(from what I’ve seen in other places around the blogosphere) and it makes me feel slightly less self-indulgent. So this week’s question is. . .

What’s your dream job?

Clearly, the job/work search is on my mind. My “dream job” has always been a writer of some sort–a hybrid author/technical writer maybe? But there are so many things that interest me! I’d like to work in a library or museum. . . I have multiple dream jobs, and they tend to shift every few months.




6 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up{68}

  1. Cait

    My dream job is probably being a writer…either that or someone paying me to read books. Maybe I should work in a library?? Heh. Though I feel like they pay you to stack shelves not read books. Mm…minor difficulties. I hope your job hunting goes well. 😐 At least the writing is good, right?! I fully meant to start writing this week, but I cleverly sawed the top of my finger off and typing excessively = blood everywhere. Very, very clever, Cait. Oh well, I’ll just read 1 or 7 books while I wait. 😉

    • Stormy

      My “dream dream” job is definitely writing in some fashion–but I don’t know if I could handle being an author full time. I think I’d need my nonfiction writing fix too, you know? That’s what I went to school for, and as much as I LOVE creating worlds and building characters, at some point it’s really nice to sit down with a piece of information and figure out how to convey it to people in the best way possible. I think my ultimate dream would be some sort of weird hybrid of librarian/professional writer/author of books.

      Ouch, that sounds painful! I hope your finger gets better soon.

  2. I’ve been hunting the elusive “dream job” for a while… still not necessarily close to figuring out what it is. However, I’m hoping to start the journey towards a museum career — beginning with a certificate in museum studies and then going for a masters in anthropology. With living in Chicago and having the Field Museum here, I mean, that is as close to a dream job as I’ve had in a while. 🙂

  3. I relate to having multiple dream jobs! My main thing is I want to tell stories! Sometimes I want to just be a novelist, sometimes I want to write movie scripts, sometimes I want to write for a TV show, sometimes I want to work for a magazine (writing but also helping with photoshoots seems like a lot of fun!), sometimes I want to do other things or all the above! For more realistic career goals, I’ve thought about going back to school for marketing, and sometimes I try to find out if there was a career I could do involving psychology that doesn’t involve counseling, but I would have to go back to school for that too.

    • Stormy

      I used to want to be a script writer for a TV show, but for some reason that sounds waaaay more intimidating to me than writing novels. There are just so many interesting things I want to do–write books, work with books, make books, etc. It’s good to know that other people can relate to the feeling of multiple dream jobs.

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