The Sunday Wrap-Up{66}

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My Week

 My actual week was blah. It wasn’t like any one big huge horrible thing happened, but just a dozen little things that made me feel like the universe was conspiring against me this week. You know those weeks were everything seems to be so much harder than it should be? It was one of those. Plus, I’ve been feeling very much “What am I doing with my life???” recently. A ton of my friends have been getting big, great news on their future plans and such(friends accepted into grad schools, engagements, etc). I’m really happy for all of them, but now I feel like I’m still standing here, not sure what I’m doing or what I want.

My weekend, however, has been great. I’ve had a lot of downtime to unwind and got a chance to catch up with some friends, which is always nice. If it continues throughout today(*fingers crossed*) I think I’ll be much more prepared to tackle this coming week.

On Book Blog Bake

Monday I reviewed Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.
Tuesday I shared ten blogging confessions.
Wednesday I reviewed The Diviners by Libba Bray.
Thursday I confess that I often side-eye long books for a myriad of reasons.
Friday I reviewed Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour.


 White Cat by Holly Black
Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler
Last Night I Sang to the Monster by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Favorite 5

Cultivating Curiosity @ So Obsessed With

A lovely read for all of us who love stories.

 Things Non-Writers Say to YA Writers @ YA Highway

This post is great–mostly amusing with a few infuriating comments thrown in. Oh, what I may have to look forward to one day. . . (I’ve already gotten, after a very brief summary of a manuscript I had finished, a “Do you think teens really need to be reading about death?” from someone).

Arts and Crafts: Rainbow Rowell Wallpaper @ Novel Sounds

If you, like me, love Rainbow Rowell’s books, this might be right up your alley!

Bookish Blogging: Why This is Worth It(For Me) @ Oh, the Books!

I really love this thoughtful post from Asti, particularly because some of this is what I have been thinking about lately. I’ve definitely felt in a bit of a rut lately–not even a blogging rut, just a life rut, really, but it’s affected blogging too–and I’ve really begun thinking about why I keep blogging. Asti talks about taking time to reflect on what you do and that’s something I’ve been trying to add more of into my life.

When You Don’t Agree with Your Characters @ (Pub)lishing Crawl

Such a good reminder for writers who might sometimes worry about this(aka, me).


 Question of the Week:

I’ve decided to add this to my weekly wrap-ups because it’s fun(from what I’ve seen in other places around the blogosphere) and it makes me feel slightly less self-indulgent. So this week’s question is. .

What’s the best kind of chocolate? (If you’re one of those rare people that don’t like chocolate, “none” is an option. But 75% dark chocolate is the proper answer. . . just so we’re all clear. :))




10 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up{66}

  1. I love dark chocolate but I have to confess that I don’t know the differences between the percentages because I don’t believe I see it marked very often. My answer would probably just be Godiva dark chocolate. 🙂 I agree with you and Cait about nuts in chocolate! Why defile what is already perfect?! And I don’t care for white chocolate either because it doesn’t really taste like chocolate at all, OK, I’m done talking about chocolate now. 🙂

    • Stormy

      You have to search for the percentage most of the time–I believe most of the normal ones you just see listed as “dark chocolate” tend to be around 60%(Dove, hershey’s, etc.)
      If white chocolate is IN something(like a triple chocolate cookie), I’m okay with it, but on it’s own it taste too chemical-y for me!

  2. I hate those bah weeks, I’ve been having a lot of those recently. Not big things that go wrong, just a lot of small things that don’t go right.

    I love chocolate, but I prefer semi-sweet chocolate. I don’t mind chocolate with nuts in it though.I also like chocolate with cornflakes or caramel. I also love chocolate with praline, actually if it has praline filling I don’t mind which kind of chocolate it is.

    • Stormy

      Yup, those bah weeks definitely tend to come in waves. I’d say that’s been the majority of my weeks for a few months now.
      The only kind I really like caramel at all is if it’s paired with chocolate! Well, I loved it if it’s salted caramel. There’s a place in my town that makes salted caramel chocolate chip cookies and it’s the most delicious thing ever.

      • Yeah same here, I hope to have some good weeks soon.
        And Salted Caramel is delicious indeed! Unfortunately here in the Netherlands salted caramel isn’t really a thing for some reason. I once got a yar of salted caramel chocolate milk from someone in the US and it was delicious! Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies sounds awesome, would love to try those!

    • Stormy

      I listened to the audiobook for White Cat too, and it made it 90% better! I think I would have liked the story in print too, but the audiobook made me really love it.

      I am with you on white chocolate. Milk chocolate is good, dark chocolate is great, and white chocolate is. . . chemical-y.

  3. Cait

    I like…um, let me seee…OH. 75% dark chocolate!! (Do I get a cookie? Or…chocolate?) Well, I also love milk chocolate and white. Actually I love ALL CHOCOLATE. But please, for the love of coco beans, do NOT put nuts in it. I hate nuts in chocolate.

    Also, sorry this week was conspiring against you. 🙁 I know how that feels. Most of my friends are tripping across the world or getting married (! and they’re younger than me !) and I’m in a bit of a waiting period in my life. It’s weird. But we can’t compare ourselves to them, right?! We have to write our own stories. x)

    • Stormy

      You get 75% dark chocolate, of course! I love all chocolate EXCEPT white chocolate. It’s too pure-sugar sweet for me! I’m with you on nuts in chocolate, though. Especially nuts in brownies. Why did we ever begin doing that?

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