June 2014 Wrap-Up

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In My Life

June was just such a blur. What did I do? Anyone remember? Because I don’t, not really.

Okay, well that’s a bit of a stretch. I did settle in to my new apartment(I moved in at the end of May, but you know how it goes–these things take time!). And I held a day camp for work, which meant the beginning of June was busy with preparations and the middle of June busy with actual camp.

Other than that, not too much interesting to speak of. My life right now mainly consist of job searching and wondering what I’m doing with my life twice a day.

My Life in Tweets:

I watched

I watched two movies for my ten movies project–An American in Paris and The Prestige. I’ll have a more in-depth update on the project at a later date, but I’ll say I was disappointed in An American in Paris and really liked The Prestige, but the slow start almost killed it for me.

I’ve also been making my way through a Gilmore Girls rewatch–an unplanned one, since I just rewatched in October/November of 2013. I normally do a rewatch every year in the Fall, but I was aching for Stars Hollow early this year, I suppose. I’m up to the first few episodes of season 6 now, and oh, my heart. Lorelai and Rory aren’t speaking, and Lorelai and Luke are engaged. . . which is heartbreaking, knowing all the things to come.

I listened

I did not do well on my “discovering-new-music-throughout-the-year” goal this month. I blame it on the busy, busy jumble my life was. Instead, all I wanted to do was listen to upbeat favorites–which is a bit of an oxymoron, if you know my taste in music. I love GOOD music, but rarely could any of my favorites be called “upbeat”. Well, we all make do with what we have:

I read

June was such a WEIRD(in a good way) reading month. If you’ve been around my blog before, you know I typically read between 12 and 20 books in a month, and most fall under the 3 or 4 star rating. I tend to like most of the books I read at this point because I’m pretty good at picking out my reads, but I don’t hand out 5 stars very often. In 2014, I’ve read almost 100 books, and I think I’ve given TEN(so ten percent) a five star. June, however, I had FOUR five star ratings out of eight books. Crazy! I’m glad I’ve had such an awesome reading month quality-wise but it’s also a little sad to see the month go from a reading standpoint because I doubt any future month will hold as many new favorites.

5 star Reads:

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet
Lies We Tell Ourselves
by Robin Talley
Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

4 star Reads:

 Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless by Liz Czusak
If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

3 Star Reads:

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour
He Forgot to Say Goodbye by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

2 star Reads:


1 star & DNF Reads:

Evidence of Things Not Seen by Lindsey Lane(DNF)


blogging life

My Favorite Review:

For some reason I’m really proud of my review for Vicious.

Most Popular Review:

Seems to be my review for (Don’t You) Forget About Me.

My Favorite Discussion:

After the Amazon vs Hachette thing, I discussed how not everyone has access to a local independent bookstore.

Most Popular Discussion:

My reminder that the reading police do not exist.


I’ve been itching to mix up these wrap-ups a bit and I decided to include a new favorites section. I talk about the things I did each month, music I listen to, etc, but I don’t often gush about my favorites in my monthly wrap-ups.

Favorite Book

It’s hard to pick out of the 4 five stars this month, but I have to go with. . . Good Omens. It’s my favorite book I’ve read this year!

Good Omens

Favorite Quote

I have multiple this month(the good books & all!):

From He Forget to Say Goodbye by Benjamin Alire Saenz:

“It’s hard to say what’s happening when you’re in the middle of becoming.”

From Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett:

“It may help to understand human affairs that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people.”

fav pictures

LOOK at this little kitten my dad rescued! Isn’t she precious?



I realize how often I start these wrap-ups with “I don’t remember what I did this month!”, so I’m hoping this section will help be more intentional about thinking through the month. Memories can be simple, after all. I think my favorite memory this month is a Saturday, a few weeks ago. It was just such a great morning. Woke up, got things done, meet friends to go to the farmer’s market and lunch. It just felt like everything a Saturday should feel like in my mind when I’m thinking about the ideal weekend.



10 responses to “June 2014 Wrap-Up

  1. Middle schoolers are like dragons haha! I’m glad you enjoyed The Prestige! I need to rewatch Gilmore Girls like crazy. I don’t even remember the last time I watched them. Maybe I will try to do that soon! I’m so so glad you loved Good Omens, it’s such an amazing book!

    • Stormy

      haha, they kinda are! I rewatch Gilmore Girls pretty much constantly. By the time I get to season 7, it feels like it’s been so long since I watched season 1. . . and the cycle starts all over again.
      Yes, Good Omens was amazing! I think it’s my favorite book I’ve read this year. It was just perfect.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed The Prestige! I haven’t seen An American in Paris; sorry it was disappointing though! And “Let It Out!” I heard it live when I saw Switchfoot in April and it was so exhilarating.

    • Stormy

      The first 30 minute thoroughly confused me(which is why I think I stopped watching it the last time I tried a few years ago) but once the story picked up I was hooked!

    • Stormy

      I LOVED Good Omens. LOVED it. Became my favorite book I’ve read this year! I’ve never read any other book by Terry Pratchett, though. Perhaps this will be my push to start.

  3. I am a HUGE Gene Kelly fan, and I love ballet. So when I first watch An American in Paris when I was in high school, I was so excited. But it was a huge disappointment. So boring. Blah! But have you seen Singing in the Rain. Best movie ever!

    • Stormy

      OH, THANK GOODNESS. I’m so glad I’m not the only one disappointed in An American in Paris. And it won Oscars! I love Singing in the Rain–it’s my all-time favorite movie!

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