Top Ten Books About Friendship {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, which features (you guessed it!) top ten lists on a given topic each week. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books About Friendship. I’m changing it a little and doing Top Ten Books with GREAT Friendships. There are some books that aren’t about friendship, and the friendship might even be secondary to the romance, but that I absolutely LOVE.

1. Pivot Point & Split Second–Addie & Laila

Addie and Laila

I have to admit that I totally missed most of the great friendship moments in my first read of Pivot Point. Upon re-read, though, I realized how awesome Addie & Laila are! Split Second in particular really highlights their friendship.

2. Smart Girls Get What They Want–Gigi, Bea, and Neerja

Gigi Bea Neerja

I love Smart Girls Get What They Want BECAUSE of the friendship. Make no mistake–this is a friendship story. There’s plenty of romantic interest to go around, but at the end, it’s the supportive friendship between Gigi, Bea, & Neerja that makes Smart Girls worth it. These friends don’t play around, like when they all join a club to support one another.

3. The Chosen–Danny & Reuven

Danny & Reuven

The Chosen has long been a favorite, and the friendship between Danny & Reuven is a major factor(as well as the interesting family dynamics). Two Jewish boys with different backgrounds who probably shouldn’t be friends but become friends anyway.

4. Open Road Summer–Dee & Lilah

Dee and Reagan

I loved the romance in Open Road Summer, but even more, I loved the friendship between Dee and Reagan. Reagan’s been hurt before, something quite obvious from the start, but being around Dee brings out the best in her.

5. Fangirl–Reagan & Cath

Reagan and Cath

I love the friendship between Reagan & Cath in Fangirl because they DON’T start out as friends. Cath finds Reagan abrasive, but Reagan is exactly what Cath needs in a scary new world. And apparently, according to the books, people named Reagan make great friends.

6. Parallel–Abby & Caitlin

Abby and Caitlin

Abby & Caitlin have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, Caitlin is there when Abby needs her most. She’s selfless and completely there for Abby.

7. Ignite Me–Kenji & Juliette

Kenji & Juliette

Kenji’s in all the books, but Kenji & Juliette become better friends in Ignite Me. Can I just say how much I love this atypical friendship? Kenji is always there to knock some sense into Juliette and I love how the series has an opposite sex friendship where neither of them want to be in a relationship.

8. Maybe One Day–Olivia & Zoe

Olivia and Zoe

Maybe One Day is all about the friendship between Olivia and Zoe after tragedy. It’s probably not a book I would read again(even though I really enjoyed it) because of the sadness factor, but the friendship? I absolutely loved it.

9. The Raven Boys–Gansey, Adam, Noah, & Ronan

The Raven Boys

It took me awhile, but by the end, I totally loved the friendship between the four raven boys–Gansey, Adam, Noah, & Ronan. Though really, Adam, I love you, but stop making bad decisions.

10. Harry Potter–Harry, Ron, & Hermione

Harry Ron Hermione

I can’t make a list of bookish friendships without including the HP trio! The friendship between Harry, Ron, & Hermione will always be one of my favorites.



7 responses to “Top Ten Books About Friendship {Top Ten Tuesday}

  1. Great examples of great friendships 🙂

    Kanji and Juliette are fantastic and I agree – it’s so nice so see an opposite sex friendship with no romance.

    And the raven boys! Adam can frustrate me but I adore their friendships so much.

    • Stormy

      It amazed me how far back in my reading I had to go to fill this list. I really need to find more books with strong friendships!

  2. I’ve been eyeing Smart Girls Get What They Want for a few weeks and have now seen it on quite a few lists, so I’m definitely going to get it! I completely agree with Reagan and Cath – it was nice to see a friendship grow organically – and I’m looking forward to reading Open Road Summer when it finally gets released over here.

  3. Cait

    GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE. I have about 3 the same as you! Go the Raven Boys! Ah, gah, I can’t even pick a favourite. Okay, I can. Ronan. Ronan and Noah. I particularly love how Ronan threw Noah out of the window. (My day was made when I read that.) Also: I’m so so impressed with Kenji and Juilette! I LOVED how they’re relationship was totally friendship and it didn’t have to be ruined by suppressed romantic feelings or anything. Total win there. x)
    My TTT!

    • Stormy

      Those Raven Boys! I didn’t love the Dream Thieves, but even so I loved their group!
      I love all the boys, but I feel like the only person who DOESN’T have Ronan as a favorite. I love him, don’t get me wrong, but not at the same level as everyone else seem too!(oh yes, that scene was wonderful!)
      Kenji & Juliette are one of my favorite friendships because hey, no romance at all! Though. . . I wouldn’t mind a romance with Kenji. Just saying.

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