I Rec’d It! {3}

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I rec it

I started this feature in March and REALLY enjoyed it! It was fun to recommend things and get other recommendations, so at least for awhile, I’ll be doing these posts once a month to recommend everything from books to beverages to products.


Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Dark Places

Gillian Flynn is very well-known, but mostly for Gone Girl. I read Gone Girl first, and I liked it okay, but didn’t think it was anything special. I was still curious, though, so I checked out Dark Places from the library. What a page-turner! I thought Dark Places was MUCH better than Gone Girl. It still had the same sort of interesting, unlikable characters, but they weren’t annoying, they were intriguing. I have a full review of this book coming up, but I still wanted to highlight it.

TV shows:



In my April wrap-up I talked about how I watched all thirteen episodes of Firefly in four days. . . and then immediately watched it again. The first two episodes were slow and it took me MONTHS to watch the third, but when I finally pushed myself through I understood everyone’s obsession. Now I’ve been pushing it on my friends.


I’ve been listening to Almost Lover and Now is the Start by A Fine Frenzy a lot lately.

Shadow of a Man by Neulore has also been getting a lot of plays on my iTunes lately.



I’ve been looking at something to help motivate me while I write. One of the things I really love about NaNoWriMo or CampNaNoWriMo is that lovely progress bar. It spurs me on! I was looking for a website/app/etc. that I could monitor progress in a similar way, and I found WriteChain. It’s very simple, but effective. The idea is to write and not break the chain. You can set your daily word goal–mine is always 1,000 words–and update it every day. I’ve only used it for a few days so far but I really like it!


 Your Turn!

What are you recommending lately? Feel free to recommend to me(and other readers!) books, TV shows, songs(or artists), apps, products, etc. in the comments!  I’m always eager to find some hidden gems.



4 responses to “I Rec’d It! {3}

  1. Stormy

    I liked Gone Girl, but I thought Dark Places was MUCH better. Not sure why Gone Girl is the one that got so popular with all the hype, but obviously something there is appealing! I love the paperback covers for her books! I looked at the original covers before Gone Girl came out and they’re very ehh, like the one I borrowed from the library is the original hardcover. I’m glad they redesigned them in a consistent pattern because now I think they’re awesome!

  2. Cait

    I haven’t read the book…hehe, but I WANT to read something by Gillian Flynn! Mainly because Gone Girl seems to be wildly famous (not actually sure why…I just see it mentioned everywhere). xD Her covers are seriously creepy awesome though.

  3. Seriously, I have to thank you for putting A Fine Frenzy in here. I haven’t listened to her music in like… four years? Something. But I just played Almost Lover and it all just came back to me. So beautiful. It really makes me want to just play her music and shut my eyes and get carried away. Haven’t let myself get lost in music in a long, long time.


    Haven’t watched Firefly yet, though I do see alllllll the people talking about it all the time. And haven’t read Gillian Flynn’s books yet, though I do own a copy of Gone Girl.

    Lovely post!

    • Stormy

      Love Almost Lover! I think that’s the most famous song, but Now is the Start is just perfect for my spring playlist.
      Ooh, I’ll be super interested in your thoughts on Gone Girl whenever you read it!

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