The Sunday Wrap-Up{45}

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My Week

I’ve noticed that my January weeks have been rather blah lately, but I’m happy to say this week was definitely better! It wasn’t amazing or anything, and my job was worse–only because of a scheduling mix-up and annoyances and such–but personally, life was on the up. I can’t say exactly why I’ve been feeling “blah” these past few weeks, but this tends to happen to me in January/February/beginning of March. It’s often my least favorite time of the year.

ALSO, it sort of snowed in central Texas, where I am! I say “sort of” because anyone who is from a place where it snowed regularly would laugh at the little 1/16th-ish of an inch we got–just a light covering–but hey, in Texas, you take what you can get.

On Book Blog Bake

On Monday I busted a book blogging myth that Pinterest is of no use to book bloggers.
Tuesday I shared what’s on my reading wishlist! 
Wednesday I reviewed Cruel Beauty.
Thursday I shared what you can do with books you don’t want anymore.
Friday I reviewed Psych Major Syndrome.


Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
45 Pounds(More or Less) by
K.A. Barson
Unravel Me by
Tahereh Mafi
Never Have I Ever by
Katie Heaney
Timepiece by
Myra McEntire
The Summer I Wasn’t Me by
Jessica Verdi


I did not buy any books, despite going to the bookstore. Hooray! I did receive The Lightening Thief from Paperback Swap, though. I’ve been meaning to read the Percy Jackson series forever, so now I can finally begin.

Favorite 5

I’m a Disorganized Blogger. . . and I Love It! @ NoseGraze

Loved this? Are you a disorganized blogger? I think I’m an organized blogger, in that I like to have post and stuff scheduled, but a disorganized reader. I’m pretty sure the words “Reading schedule” make me break out in hives.

How to Change Fonts in WordPress @ Books a True Story

Changing fonts for the blog was something I always knew I could do, but didn’t know how. And while I’ve meant to Google it for ever, I never got around to it(even though every time I look at my site I want to change the font for the post copy). So this is a great resource!

Comment Replies: Keeping the Conversation Going @ Another Novel Read

I had to take comment reply notification off my blog back in December when I was having all sorts of trouble with plug-ins sending out massive errors and using pretty much all of my hosting space. I deleted all the plug-ins that weren’t an absolute necessity, and have been slowing adding back the ones I wanted to keep. Kelley’s post reminded me I needed to re-enact comment reply notification! I’m actually using a different plug-in this time–called comment email reply, I think, so let me know if it works/doesn’t work like it’s suppose to!

Book Chat: Why I Love the Library @ Starlight Book Reviews

I love the library too. That is all. In fact, I need to go this afternoon and pick up my holds for I am the Messenger & The Impossible Knife of Memory!

Making the Most of Social Networks as a Writer @ (Pub)lishing Crawl

This was a super helpful + informative posts. And even though it’s geared towards writers, I think it’s a good read for bloggers too. It’s a good reminder that you don’t have to do EVERY single social network. I’ve neglected my blog tumblr & facebook lately, and it’s nice to remember the social networks I want to concentrate on–Twitter & Pinterest. Well, and Goodreads technically, but I consider that in a category of its own.



7 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up{45}

  1. Ah thank you for posting the fonts link! I messaged someone about this the other day and completely forgot to follow up. I think the font on my blog is too small. Maybe. Maybe it’s just my crappy eyes. (PS: your link to that post is doing something wonky and going back to your site.)

    • stormydawnc

      I’ve always thought the font on your blog was readable, if it helps! But it is nice to know how it can be changed. Argh, linking in wordpress. I think I fixed it!

  2. I realllly need to start using my library again! I feel like every dollar I have goes to Amazon these days. I just really, really like owning books.

    I’m also interested to check out your Pinterest post. I use Pinterest, but I’ve never considered using it for blogging. Color me intrigued.

    • stormydawnc

      I really like owning books too, but the library’s made it easy to check out books I’m not sure about or when I’m on a budget! There’s definitely something nice about actually OWNING a book though.

  3. Alise (Readers in Wonderland)

    I’ll have to check out your Pinterest post, I use it to post all my reviews and don’t really see the point but I like the idea of using it more. Ha, it doesn’t snow here in AZ either so I would be happy with that light sprinkling too 😉

    • stormydawnc

      I don’t post all of my reviews(they seldom get click-throughs) but I post discussions & features! I get a good chunk of traffic from there. Not as much as twitter or anything, but enough that it’s worth it too me.
      Yeah, living in Texas, snow is awesome! I think I get tired of it fast though!

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