Busting Book Blogging Myths: Pinterest & Book Blogging

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Sometimes, I see myths & ideas in the book blogging world that I just sort of want to take a blogging version of myth busters to. Why do we think these things? Are they true? What if there are unnecessary norms we’ve created for ourselves and we didn’t even realize it? And then I realized I COULD do a series of book blogging myth busting.

Now, before I begin, let me just preface this by saying everything in this series is just coming out of my personal experience. I’m definitely not an expert on blogging, bookish or otherwise. I’ve been doing this for about a year, and that’s NOTHING compared to the bloggers who are going into their 4th year of blogging. So I definitely don’t know everything, nor do I claim to! Also, I’m aware that not everyone who reads my blog may be a blogger themselves, so I’ll do my best to write these posts in such a way that any could benefit from it.

The first blogging myth we’re going to talk about? Pinterest as a social media tool for book blogging. I hear things like this all the time:

Pinterest is nothing but crafts and recipes”.

“I think Pinterest could be useful for lifestyle bloggers, but I don’t see the purpose for a book blog”.

And it makes me sad, because next to twitter, Pinterest is my favorite social network, and I am able to use it for blogging! So I wanted to bust this myth that Pinterest can’t be useful for book bloggers.

First, things that are true about Pinterest:

Pinterest may be useful to your blog, but it probably WON’T be the biggest driver of your traffic. Maybe there are bloggers who get ton of their traffic from Pinterest, but as far as I know, there aren’t very many. That being said, you can get a good chunk of traffic from Pinterest. I actually get more traffic from Pinterest than any other social network besides twitter. That’s social networks only, of course, and I get most of my traffic from other blogs and from searches, but as far as social networks go, it’s a pretty good percentage.

Pinterest is a visually oriented social network, so if you’re thinking of using Pinterest for your blog, keep that in mind.

And lastly, Pinterest is a community. Another good idea to have in mind as we navigate through the waters of what Pinterest is.

Thinking about Pinterest & Your Blog:

Remember how I said Pinterest is a community? Okay, good. So think about twitter. As far as I’m aware, twitter is the main social media channel most of us book bloggers use. You use twitter for your blog, of course, and it probably drives some traffic to your blog, but do you post on twitter SOLELY to get hits on posts? Probably not, because just linking to posts doesn’t exactly make people want to follow you. You engage with the bookish community on twitter, and probably get some traffic to your posts in the process. It’s part of the process, not the only thing. You can’t just link to a post and think tons of people will click it. Well, Pinterest is the same way, and I think having that frame of mind when thinking about Pinterest for your blog is useful.

Busting the Pinterests Myths:

So before I talk about how I personally use Pinterest, busting a myth or two here:

1. Pinterest is SOOO much more than just recipes.2. Pinterest is much more than just crafts
3. Pinterest can be used to great affect to get the word out about things like giveaways, etc.

People use Pinterest for all KINDS of things. I have 40 Pinterest boards. Know how many of them are crafts & recipes? SEVEN. Seven out of forty. And Pinterest can be a place for inspiration, for recipes and how-tos, and it can also be a place for visual inspiration. Some pins don’t require any further action. At some level, Pinterest is really just social collecting of . . . things, whether those things be art or information.

For example, here’s a board I use only for collections of visuals I like:

Ampersands, Pinterest

As you can see, I just really like Ampersands and wanted a place to collect Ampersand visuals. Pinterest it is! I’m not planning on clicking through any of these pins to get to a website, either. Hence what I mean about Pinterest not always driving traffic.

Pinterest & Book Blogging

How do I use Pinterest for Book.Blog.Bake.? Well, first of all, I also use Pinterest to collect information about blogging in general. I’m constantly learning about the technical side of blogging(you know, the CSS and stuff that I’m horrendous at), and I like having it all in one place. But the main way I use Pinterest for blogging is my book boards.

Of course, the first thing that probably comes to your mind when you think Pinterest & blogging is to pin your posts to Pinterest. And that can work, if they’re visually suited to Pinterest. There are definitely some posts I don’t pin just because I don’t think they have enough visual interest for anyone to actually click. I tyically pin my posts that have a small post graphic at the top–so most posts beside reviews, which I put on a Book. Blog.Bake. board. I get some traffic from these posts. Not a lot, but at least a handful every time I pin a posts.

But the main reason I use Pinterest for book blogging is just my other book boards, and by following other boards. Basically, I get in to the bookish community on Pinterest just like I did on twitter. And does that bring traffic to the blog? Yes, and more long-term, because it’s that community-oriented view that is much like twitter. My two favorite bookish boards? Quotes from books and Eye-catching book covers:

Eye-catching book covers board

Look at all those pretty books! Also, by the way, this is by far the Pinterest board of mine that generates the most involvement–lots of re-pins and likes.

Quotes from Books board

Is it worth it?

That’s up to everyone for themselves, of course. We can’t all be on ALL the social networks–or at least not in a way that makes each of them really work for us. And Pinterest is definitely not the biggest driver of traffic for Book.Blog.Bake. Twitter has given me 20x more traffic than Pinterest has. But Pinterest, at least for me, has given me a sizable chunk, and I really do consider it one of the most fun social media networks. And even if you don’t use Pinterest for blogging, I hope I’ve busted the myth, at least a little bit, that Pinterest is all crafts & recipes.

Discussion time! If you’re a blogger(or even if you’re not!) Do you use Pinterest? Do you want to, and just not sure it’s worth it?



43 responses to “Busting Book Blogging Myths: Pinterest & Book Blogging

  1. […] I don’t think Pinterest is quite as helpful for book bloggers as it might be for food or lifestyle bloggers, but I do think there’s still plenty you can do with Pinterest from a book blogging standpoint! I created a Pinterest account very early on back when it was still in beta, and I’ve written posts before about how I use Pinterest such as this posts about Pinterest and book blogging. […]

  2. […] Busting Book Blogging Myths: Pinterest & Book Blogging : Posted by Stormy at Book.Blog.Bake.ย I’ve been looking into using Pinterest as social media for my blog, so after scrolling through board after board of fun bookish stuff online it boggled my mind a bit that anyone could ever think that it’s only for crafts and recipes. Sure, it may not bring in as much traffic as Twitter, but that’s to be expected (Though in my humble opinion, I think Pinterest looks WAY more fun.) Here’s a link to a directory of book bloggers on Pinterest. […]

  3. I loved this! I use Pinterest too and it really works for me so I don’t understand the people who say its a waste of time. Really great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lisa

    I have a Pinterest, but don’t use it for book blogging. I’ve been considering it, but just haven’t acted on it just yet. I’m still learning how to work and socialize on Twitter, as well as traveling to other blogs and just leaving good ol comments! But I might have to look further into and see if I’m interested. Thank you for this awesome post! I had such fun reading it!


    • stormydawnc

      Thank you! I really love both twitter & Pinterest, but I think Pinterest is slightly more fun for me. It’s just fun to virtually hoard. I love talking on twitter too, but there’s more of a social aspect which can get tiring for introverts, whereas why Pinterest has that social side, it’s a lot easier to hide when you want to.

    • stormydawnc

      You’re welcome! I’ve been playing around with Tumblr lately, but can’t get into it. Too many social netowkrs.

  5. I actually get a lot of traffic from Pinterest. But I don’t think it’s for the content of my blog. I don’t actually get comments from pinners. I think they just like the pictures I post and re-post them. I tend to get more traffic from my geeky pictures that I pin rather then book covers and what not.

    • stormydawnc

      That makes sense! I tend to get more re-pins on things that don’t require click-throughs. I’ve done a few flowcharts on various subjects, and while they’re pretty just okay design wise, they’re definitely readable. And I find those get the most re-pins, likes, etc, because they don’t require anything to actually click the link.

  6. I use Pinterest, but not for my book blog. I mostly just search for fashion references when I’m on it. I don’t even use it that much either. I like the idea of putting things all together, but I feel like I’ll burn so much time doing so and I’m not sure if it would be worth it. I can be a little bit too busy sometimes. I like how you use it though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • stormydawnc

      I think Pinterest sometimes take some time to set up, but for me it’s one of the easiest social networks to update because it just takes maybe ten minutes a week to update from the blog. I definitely started pinterest purely for personal reasons though–like a year and a half before I even thought about creating a blog. It just seemed natural to use it for blogging purposes from there.

  7. I use Pinterest for EVERYTHING! It started because I used to be a mom blogger, and it drives a lot of traffic for them. I don’t do it for the traffic anymore, it’s just a site that I find fun. If I could get a few hits on my blog from it, all the better.

    I have board for recipes, decor, a dream house, weddings, kids, parites, books, quotes, just about anything you can think of, I’ve pretty much got it.

    • stormydawnc

      Yeah, I don’t get a TON of traffic on there or anything, but it’s the second best social network for me(twitter being the first). I do see how it’s better for certain types of bloggers–I know a lot of life & mom bloggers use it because it’s just sort of geared towards that. I think it’s still beneficial for book bloggers too!

  8. I have an account on Pinterest but I only use it personally, like for travel ideas and stuff like that. I really like to use it for those things, but I have never thought to use it for blogging. I will definitely look into this, I wouldn’t mind using Pinterest as a promotional tool as I already like using it!

    • stormydawnc

      I know some people create a separate Pinterest account for their blog, but I keep my blog board with my personal accounts, so it’s really a pretty easy way to do blog “marketing”(even though I hate how official that sounds). I mean I pin several times a week anyway, so it’s pretty easy to pin the blog posts I think are the most pinnable. Plus, I find Pinterest fun!

  9. I’m terrible when it comes to social networks and things like that. The only ‘social network’ I’m on really is Pinterest – I don’t have a twitter, facebook or anything along those lines – and I only recently joined that! I’m enjoying discovering things on Pinterest so far but I don’t use it for any blog related things but as I develop my knowledge of the site perhaps I will. I found this post very interesting – as I’m sure others have. I’d love to see more in this book blogging myth busting series.

    • stormydawnc

      Thank you! I hope it becomes a fun and useful feature. I definitely have some more ideas in mind. I think Pinterest & twitter are my favorite social media(twitter especially. I’m quite a fan!). I have a facebook but I’m pretty passive about it. Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming at first but I’ve found it quite useful!

  10. I have a Pinterest account, but I definitely don’t use it for book blogging, haha… I just like collecting visuals about clothing, home decor, and wedding ideas. I do love how you’ve used it though, collecting boards with eye-catching covers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pin on, Stormy! ๐Ÿ˜€ Love this post!

    • stormydawnc

      Thank you! Collecting visuals is probably my favorite aspect of Pinterest, I think. I have recipe boards and stuff too, but the visuals are my favorite. I use it for writing too–using images to sort of guide what I want.

  11. Great post Stormy. I love Pinterest and like you I pin book quotes and covers. I also pin book art and just random book things. I don’t get much traffic but I do get some and I find it a great way to find new blogs that I might not otherwise have come across. I also get to see another side of bloggers that I already know and it reminds me to visit their blogs too.
    But I don’t use just for traffic like you mentioned, I genuinely enjoy the site. I find pinning very therapeutic, it’s just so satisfying arranging my boards ๐Ÿ™‚

    • stormydawnc

      Yeah, I discover tons of things via Pinterest! I find it therapeutic too. I enjoy re-arranging boards & culling pins every so often.

  12. Yeah, I don’t get much traffic from Pinterest either, but I don’t really use it for blogging so… I mostly just pin recipes/pictures/book covers I like to drool on onto my boards. But now I kinda want to start collecting quotes, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • stormydawnc

      I get more traffic from Pinterest than I would expect! It’s gone down some on the rankings of social media that’s most beneficial because stumbleupon has brought me a lot more traffic in recent months, but it’s definitely worth it(in my opinion!). And it’s nice to just collect nice pictures/book covers.

    • stormydawnc

      I’d definitely recommend it! I think it’s one of the easier social networks to use for blogging–you just post and most of the time, other people do the rest via repinning, liking and such!

  13. Pinterest I think is my second “best” social media. Yep, I get most of my traffic from SEOs and from places like Bloglovin but as far as social media goes, Twitter is first (because I’m on ALL the time haha) and Pinterest is second. I actually need to be more active with my Pinterest because majorly I just end up pinning my posts and that’s it with occasionally going on book related pin binges haha. It’s definitely helpful and has been better than Facebook for me for sure! Awesome post, Stormy! I really like the busting myths idea too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • stormydawnc

      Haha, my social media used to look like that–twitter, than Pinterest. Now it’s twitter, stumbleupon(a link I posted got a lot of hits, but it drives me crazy because I can’t figure out which one!!). And thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Great post! Honestly, I have a Pinterest account for my blog, but I haven’t done much with it. I have trouble sorting out the time for it. That, and I technically have a personal one. Since I run a blog with two other people, it makes getting personal on the blog account difficult, so I’ve lately just made a board for my blog posts on my actual account. Maybe not many people will follow it, but that’s where I can be me. And I do get a good bit of traffic from Pinterest! One wouldn’t really expect it, but I do. Facebook is the one that is temperamental on me.

    • stormydawnc

      Facebook definitely goes up-and-down for me. I get very little traffic from *My* facebook page, but I’ve been linked by bigger blogs on facebook page, which has driven traffic.
      I thought about making a separate personal & blog account for Pinterest, but for right now, they’re mixed. I definitely understand the appeal of separating all those things, but it’s too messy for me. That’s how I feel about twitter too–it’s a mix of personal & blogging.

  15. Kelly

    I love Pinterest for blogging! When I had it for Radiant Shadows, I had boards for all of my reviews and features, which I was diligent about updating whenever I posted. I’ll be doing the same with PLR! Like you said, it wasn’t a huge driver for traffic, but I did get some new traffic because of it, so I thought it was totally worth it.

    I really like how you compared the social aspect of Pinterest to Twitter; I never thought about it that way before. It’s definitely something I’ll have to keep in mind moving forward.

    Love this post and I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of this series! I had no idea so many bloggers didn’t realize the potential with Pinterest!

    • stormydawnc

      I’ve actually been less diligent about updating Pinterest than I would like, but even so, It’s STILL working for me, which is saying something.

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