How to Ensure I Won’t Comment on Blogger Blogs

Posted October 17, 2013 by Stormy in Blogging / 45 Comments

When the subject of blogger comes up, it’s often to hear complaints about annoying blogging CAPTCHA. But there’s another comment setting that makes me frustrated when trying to comment on blogger blogs. Now, I know some people might intentionally have this setting off, but in case not, I’d thought I’d make the case for why I really love blogger blogs that enable the Name/URL option. And this is why:


This is a screenshot of a blogger blog that does not have the Name/URL option enabled. Now, there are a few options. I don’t have a LiveJournal, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID. That leaves WordPress and Google+. While I do have my Google+ linked to this blog, I know it makes it more difficult for others to find my blog. While I don’t always comment with the idea that whoever reads my comment will definitely come to my blog, I would like them to have the option. Sometimes, if I really want to comment, I WILL comment with Google+, but it’s rare. So I’d like to comment with WordPress.


However, since I’m self-hosted, my credentials cannot be verified.Β  This is the same message I will get every time I try to comment with WordPress. My only option is Google+. And like I said before, I will comment with Google+ if I have to & REALLY want to leave a comment, but most of the time it’s too difficult(especially since I’m typically not signed into that account.


Which is why I am about 90% more likely to comment on your Blogger blog if this Name/URL option is enabled. If there’s another way to make my WordPress link work a different way, I’d love to learn how, but right now this is the only way I can comment on blogger blogs & directly link back to my blog(which is why I am such a fan!).




45 responses to “How to Ensure I Won’t Comment on Blogger Blogs

  1. Hope I’m not late to the party! Self-hosted WordPress here, and having a dickens of a time commenting on Blogspot blogs.
    OpenID isn’t made for WordPress DOT org blogs, Name/URL only works if you hit preview before publish, and then only sometimes, I don’t want to have a Google account just to comment on Blogspot blogs. Arrrrgh!
    Totally sympathize and empathize with Blogspot bloggers who want to avoid spam, but I’ve had to stop commenting on blogs of folks I know in real life because of this. Very upsetting.

  2. Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

    I think the commenting system was one of the biggest reasons I left Blogger – it’s just so frustrating! And I totally agree. I like commenting on blogs I read, but please don’t make me jump through hoops just to do it! I actually only have a Google + account because I really wanted to comment on a blog a while back and the only option was Google +. I was so frustrated and even though I loved the post, almost didn’t comment. And I agree – Google + is setup really badly for finding your blog. Great post!

  3. Hmm, interesting. I always found the blogger commenting system terrible anyway, so I quickly switched over to Disqus. Now, disqus is pretty neat and all, and you can add your URL permanently to your Disqus profile, so it’s a one-time thing, but I can’t install commentluv on it, which sucks! It would make my life sooo much easier to reply back on others’ blogs.

  4. I mean, I guess it’s your prerogative to comment or not comment. As someone who host on Blogger, it’s basically a choice between having Anons be able to comment or have Name/URL option. I can’t speak for anyone else, but at least for me, it’s just not worth it. I’d rather lose out on those potential comments because very few people are going through it (at least the people who are coming to my blog). I tried the more lax option and had to many unwanted comments. It’s more of a hassle for me. When I first saw this post I thought it was snobby, but reading it, I understand it’s not worth the hassle on your end, and I can respect that.

    • stormydawnc

      I’m sorry if you felt that way–I did acknowledge that some people might have that setting off on purpose, but I’ve seen people complain about it on twitter before, so I was just hoping to shine some knowledge into why it’s so hard for some of us to comment on blogger blogs. Some self-hosted users don’t even have Google+ profiles. While I can comment if that option is notenabled, some self-hosted wordpress users don’t even have the choice to comment anymore without the Name/URL option. Of course in the end it’s always the bloggers choice, and I respect that, but I do think it’s good for people to make an informed decision on how that might effect their readers and potential commenters.

  5. My co-blogger can’t comment using her WordPress account either; she gets the same message that her account can’t be verified. I think it’s because when it asks for “username,” it actually puts your username into the URL. So, because my blog username is “pagseunbound” I can comment because our URL is But since my co-blogger and our two contributors have different usernames, they can’t comment on Blogger blogs.

  6. Cee

    BLESS YOU FOR THIS POST. This needed to be said.

    I hate to sign in on my Google+ account. I have my blog linked to it, but it’s such a hassle for anyone to try to find it. (I know I will just give up). I would prefer for people to see link on my name in the comments’ section. It counts down on the search time since the link is right there. Even if the WordPress option works, it links to my blog. Very inconvenient since I’m self-hosted. Every time I see a blogger with the Name/URL option open, I want to hug them.

  7. I actually recently disabled this option because I was getting LOADS of spam, but I’ve now enabled it again and set moderate comments to ‘sometimes’ =) It was good to hear that actually – I hate it when comments try to make me sign into Google+ – in fact I hate that Google+ is so linked to Blogger, because there are things I want to keep separate and that makes it really difficult.

    Thanks for pointing this out!

  8. Christine @ Oh, Chrys!

    As a previous Blogger user, I made sure to enable the Name/URL feature. However, the con of that is that it also enable the Anonymous option (sadly, they can only be activated together). With an Anonymous option, Blogger blogs are even more vulnerable to spam. To avoid this, I also moderated posts that were more than a week old, since spammers enjoy commenting on month old posts. So really, there is no excuse not to have the Name/URL feature allowed, unless one does not know of it (That is normally the case).

  9. Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA

    I love the Name/URL option, but when I was on Blogger I didn’t even know it existed. I ended up switching to Disqus there anyway.

    I have decided that hates me. At least 75% of the time it will not let me log in to leave a comment. I can try it 3 times on the same blog and it won’t let me but the 4th time it will. I usually give up before that fourth time, though, so blogs don’t get a lot of comments from me.

  10. I have that option turned on on my blog specifically for WordPress users! I have heard quite a few people complaining about how their Google account doesn’t really link up well to their blogs and the WordPress account not working etc etc.
    I suppose I do get a bit more spam, but Blogger mostly filters it out anyway, so it’s usually not a problem. And besides, it’s definitely worth having to do manual filtering in return for a meaningful comment! πŸ™‚
    Right now I’m in a dilemma as to whether I should install Disqus…on one hand it’s quite convenient because you get notifications for replies rather than for every single comment, but apparently some people find it annoying because they don’t have Disqus accounts…GAH!

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  12. YES!! Someone is finally addressing this issue! I’m self-hosted so I can’t use my WP address, don’t use LiveJournal, AIM or TypePad and don’t have a Google+ account so if a blog that I want to comment on (and if I visit a blog then I like to comment on a post or two) doesn’t have the name/URL option then I can’t comment. It makes me sad because I WANT to comment, to let them know I liked their post and to add my own thoughts to it and to interact with the blogger. It’s gotten to the stage where if I click on a link to a new (to me) blog I inwardly groan if it’s a blogger account because the chances are that I can’t comment on a post. The same goes for memes- I like to check out other people’s Top Ten Tuesday posts and use the linky from the Broke and Bookish blog to discover new blogs but I can’t comment on some of them. Great post! πŸ˜€

  13. Great post! I always just comment with Google+ because I’m always signed into Google and it’s easy. But I do hate that you kind of have to jump through hoops to even find my blog URL through that method. O_O

    I think some people have reported that if they leave the name/url option on then they get a ton more spam. Maybe that’s why they turn it off?

    But in general I think the Blogger commenting system kind of sucks. Everyone should just move to WordPress *cough cough* πŸ˜€

  14. I’m so glad that you wrote about this! This is something that everybody needs to know about. Nothing will stop me from subscribing/commenting/reading your blog faster than if you don’t have the Name/URL option for commenting on your Blogger blog.

    I’ve gotten to the point in my blogging career where I don’t want to have to fuss around. I follow only my most favorite blogs, and comment on them pretty much exclusively. I stick with my Bloglovin’ feed and rarely add new blogs unless they’re legitimately awesome. And even if I LOVE your blog, I WILL cut you from the list if I can’t comment.

    I just don’t appreciate being excluded. And, even though I understand that sometimes it’s not the blogger’s fault, I do think that it’s important to have agency of your own blog, realize when there’s problems like this, and then fix it.

    Thank you so much for spreading the word, so that everybody will get what a big mistake it is to not have the Name/URL option enabled! Also, I’m really glad to learn that this bothers other people, too, and not just me, haha.

  15. I recently created a Google profile specifically for my blog, because I didn’t like that the WP option displays my blog address instead of a name. Unfortunately the Name/URL option only shows up if you enable anonymous comments, which most people don’t like doing for spam reasons… and personally I find CAPTCHA to be far more annoying, so if it’s a one or the other thing, I’d much rather they disable CAPTCHA and place whatever other restrictions they want.

    This is a great post because a lot of bloggers may not be aware of the difficulties with the Blogger commenting system, but in the end, people will always do what works best for them. If a blogger wants to make it more difficult to get comments because for them the spam isn’t worth it… that’s their decision. Just like it’s the reader’s decision not to visit that blog anymore. It’s not a spiteful thing in either case, it’s just a matter of how we want to spend our time.

    • stormydawnc

      Agreed. It’s definitely a matter of what’s worth it to the blogger for that, and there are always choices like that, but I mostly wrote this because I didn’t think many blogger users were aware of how self-hosting WP made that option pretty impossible for us to use as a commenting system.

  16. As someone who uses Blogger, I can’t stand when Blogger blogs force you to comment with your /personal/ G+ profile instead of your Blogger profile, and because in these cases the name/url option is almost always disabled, I am left with no appropriate options. There are a couple bloggers I enjoy reading regularly but can never comment because of this. πŸ™

    Love Disqus though, especially for the notifications on follow-up comments!

    • stormydawnc

      The blogger profile/Google profile seems to be a big problem. I don’t have a blogger profile, so it’s hard for me to grasp, but it does seem to make it more difficult for many bloggers–you’re not the first to voice that in these comments! I had no idea that was even an option.

    • stormydawnc

      I didn’t realize it was the “anonymous” setting until someone pointed it out in the comments! I definitely understand why people wouldn’t want to enable that option for spam purposes.

  17. I am glad that you mentioned this. I didn’t realize that the Name/URL option only shows up when the anonymous option is checked. I was considering moving my blogger blog over to wordpress today, but it appears that I would have to pay them $13 a year to use my domain name. I am going to double check that this is correct, if so I am sticking with blogger for now even with all of its annoyances.

    • stormydawnc

      I just learned that too! Oh, I didn’t realize it cost money to transfer a domain name if it’s already in use, but that makes sense. I originally haa-ted paying for a domain and self-hosting(even though it’s really not that much in the long run), and I think it’s worth it now, but it is rather annoying all the same.

      • I am finishing up grad school right now, so money is tight. $13 won’t be a big deal once I am employed, but in the mean time, $13 is enough to keep me on blogger.

  18. Ohh, I never realized this, but I’ve changed it now. I always enabled it to keep the spam as low as possible, but I’ll see how it goes! Thanks for making me aware of this problem πŸ™‚

    • stormydawnc

      Oh yeah, I’ve been informed by other comments that spam could be a problem. I’d definitely understand if people decided not to use that option, but it’s still good to be informed!

    • stormydawnc

      It’s so hard because I know not enabling some options keeps the spam down for bloggers, but then it can also lead to less comments. Ultimately, each blogger user can decide what they want to do re: the costs/rewards for themselves, but I think it’s good to be informed about the outcome of different options.

  19. Amanda @ Hell-Bent to Read

    YES. I’m the perfect example of lazy. If the Name/URL option isn’t there, there’s a 99% chance that I won’t comment. I don’t think I have my blog linked to my Google+, so I can’t do that. I don’t have Livejournal or AIM, and I have no idea what the rest of those things are, haha.

    • stormydawnc

      Me too! I do have my blog linked to Google+, so I CAN comment, but Google+ just annoys the death out of me and I don’t really want to support it anymore than I have to, to be honest. It just frustrates me how much Google pushes it. And the Name/URL option is so easy for me because I have auto-fill on my home computer, so I can type in “Sto. . ” and “http:”. . and it just fills in the rest.

  20. I’m not self hosted yet so haven’t come across this problem. The thing I dislike about commenting on Blogger blogs is that for some reason it won’t allow me to comment from my phone! I try and remember to comment when I’m at computer but more often than not I forget.

    • stormydawnc

      I can’t really comment from my phone anyway(I’m a terrible mobile typer”, but that’s strange about blogger. I didn’t realize that.

  21. Awesome post here, Stormy! In my case, I use my google account because I’m too lazy to type my name and url. Haha! Plus, no icon shows up when I use the name + url option and I just really hate looking like some headless person. I do know that my blogger/google profile has redirected some people to my blog so it’s not that bad and I find it a better option for me. Just an idea: maybe if you use Jetpack you can use creds! I haven’t tried it but it’s possible! πŸ™‚

    • stormydawnc

      I have JetPack and have the creds, but it still doesn’t seem to work for me. πŸ™ I do like that I look like a real person with Google +, but I hate it uses my real name. I’m slowly warming up to the idea of commenting with Google+ but Google+ just really annoys me, haha. I hate how Google pushes it so much, so I think I have a bit of a subconscious reaction against it.

  22. Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide

    I actually do comment with Google MOST of the time on Blogger when only those options are presented to me because………….. I hate typing out my name + URL HAHAHA. I’m so lazy. But I’m commenting from my blog’s email address — which I’m already signed in on — and basically my Google+ page is nothing but blog, blog, and more blog SO I feel like I’m the exception to that rule haha. I don’t know it that really leads people back to my blog, but I’m actually too lazy to type out name + URL if the option is there.
    BUT BUT BUT I kind of HAD to do that because YES! There really were Blogger blogs that I couldn’t comment on! I was forced into using Google because I had no other option. Interesting point to bring up! I wonder if people don’t know about that!

    • stormydawnc

      It’s interesting, because you’re the second person whose mentioned that they don’t like filling in their name + URL, but I feel it’s the easiest! I think it’s because I have auto-complete turned on for my browsers on my home computer, so it only takes about the first three letters of my name for me to use that option, and then the rest are there.

      That’s mainly why I wrote this–I know anonymous commenting can lead to more spam and obviously, some blogger users will think it’s worth it to miss on a few comments if they don’t have to moderate all that spam, which is fine! But I think most people see the “WordPress” and think and self-hosted will be able to use that option, and don’t realize that it doesn’t work with self-hosting.

      • That’s true! When I have autocomplete, it actually is the easiest, but often times I’m commenting at work and using an “InPrivate” window so I don’t have to clear out my search history each time (not like that does anything, I’m sure. They can always look up what I’m doing if they really wanted to…. But it makes me FEEL safer that someone won’t stumble upon my browser history… Anyway….) So yeah! That’s why I get lazy haha.
        I agree though — When I first switched to I was like, “What!?! I’m WP! Why isn’t it working!?!?!” Then I realized duhhhh. I’m sure a lot of people don’t’ know!

  23. Ack! I feel so guilty now. For the majority time that I was with Blogger, I never had the Name/URL option available, because that meant that anonymous users could comment, and I wanted as little spam comments as possible. I guess I wasn’t thinking, because I always thought that Blogger was THE thing, and everyone HAD to have Blogger profiles. But now I realize that I was being as selfish and thoughtless as Google is right now, so it was only mid-year 2013 that I finally opened up the Name/URL option, and also allowed spam comments to start flowing in.

    Though what I’ve realized is that people commenting on Blogger blogs tend to be the owners of Blogger blogs themselves. It’s the same with WordPress. I hardly get any comments from Blogger users (apart from a few lovely ones), and I can’t really understand why. Still, it’s good for you to raise awareness of this situation, because I understand now how it can be so annoying! It sucks about the self-hosted WP problem, though. I wonder why that happens…

    Most of the Blogger blogs I comment on now have Disqus enabled, though, so it’s loads easier to comment on. Thanks for this enlightening post, though! I feel a little relieved now that I decided to make the switch to, because it’s so easy to comment on.

    • stormydawnc

      Ah, don’t feel guilty! I wanted to write this because I don’t think a lot of people realize this may happen with self-hosted WP users, which is why they get comments w/ certain accounts instead of ones that link to places. And I definitely understand that some people may decide not to have the Name/URL option enabled for spam.

      It’s interesting, but I definitely agree that most WP blogs get WP comments, and such. I think I get a good chunk of comments from blogger users, but most are DEFINITELY WP.

  24. Oh, I didn’t know it worked that way for self hosting! But yeah, I really prefer it when a Blogger blog has the Name/URL option enabled. I like getting my name on there, thank you very much XD Great topic Stormy!

    • stormydawnc

      Yeah, I didn’t know either! I think some people have had luck with Jetpack and credentials, but that still doesn’t work for me.

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