Blogging Friends{Day 3 of the Book Blogger Challenge}

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I’ve decided to participate in the 15 Day Book Blogger challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. This is definitely a move-at-your-own-pace challenged(which is AWESOME), so even though April did her challenge a month or two ago, she left the linkys opened. Yay! I should also note that I’m not doing these EVERY day–I might do one or two a week. I’m too much of a scheduler to try and do all fifteen days in a row!


15 day book blogging challenge

Day 3: Blogging Friends

Oh man, as much as I love spreading the blogging love around, this question always makes me nervous for a few reasons. ONE, I have blogging friends, but BFFs just sounds so official and intimidating! TWO, I’m sure this is a silly fear, but I think I’ll list someone and then they’ll see this and think in their heads, “Umm. . . NO.” And then three, I don’t want to leave anyone out!

So I will list some blogging friends, but I’m going to think of it more as bloggers I interact with the most frequently. It makes me feel less nervous and like there’s less PRESSURE on me. So on to the listing. . . *bites fingernails*(Just know that as nervous as I get about this question, I really do love spreading the blogging love around!)

1. Janita at Book, Interrupted

I feel I list Janita on every blogger list I do, so she’s probably tired of it(Sorry, Janita!), but the reason for it is simple: SOLIDARITY. Seriously. We started our blogs like within a week of each other, I think, and she was the first person I saw starting a blog around the same time as me. It gave me hope that yes, there’s still room in this community for new blogs around all the established bloggers. Also, we tend to like the same kind of books. Goodreads compare books feature just told me that we have 84% similarity on how we rate books. That is REALLY high. For most of my friends, that percentage is in the upper 60%/70%. So yeah.

2. Leanne from Literary Excursion and Octavia from Read Sleep Repeat

Yes, there is a reason I grouped Leanne and Octavia together: twitter. Seriously, chatting with both of them on twitter leads to some of the most interesting twitter conversations, many of which centers around chocolate and desserts(Leanne is a pastry chef). Also, they are both hilarious and it always seems to come at the most unexpected times, making those tweets all the more memorable. Basically, they often save me from boredom.

3. Everyone who talks about Gilmore Girls with me on Twitter

Yeah, I said it. It’s my favorite TV show of all time and if we discuss it, that’s basically like insta-friendship right there. Off the top of my head, the list of awesome people who understand the awesomeness of Gilmore Girls are Terri from Starlight Book Reviews, Kristin at Matched Manuscripts, Crystal in Bookland. I am not kidding when I say I have the ability to base a friendship COMPLETELY on Gilmore Girls. Seriously. Just watch me talk about it in real life. Ya’ll have been spared.

4. My fellow Texan Book Bloggers

Us Texans can be an arrogant lot sometimes, but there are two Texan book bloggers who I really enjoy talking with via blogs & twitter and it’s awesome because they LIVE IN MY STATE YAY! type thing: Kelley from Another Novel Read and Amanda from Hell-Bent to Read.


It’s so hard to not list like every single blogger I follow in my feed reader on here! I really do love this community & I look forward to meeting new book bloggers all the time(someday, maybe even in real life. . . it would be so nice!).

dean awesome

Dean Winchester says that ya’ll are all awesome, and so do I.



4 responses to “Blogging Friends{Day 3 of the Book Blogger Challenge}

  1. I completely get what you mean, there are so many awesome bookish people in the community! It would be impossible to name everyone haha but just a small interaction with someone means a lot and I’m so grateful for everyone 😀

  2. Leanne @ Literary Excursion

    Awwww thanks for including me! Now I’m all warm and fuzzy. ^_^ So glad I can save you from boredom through my uncontrollable Twitter usage!

    I just started drafting my post on this topic and I was thinking I should have done it a month ago haha. Now my list is going to be so long!

  3. Awww yay! I definitely understand your nervousness about this question; it was difficult for me too. Thanks so much for including me in your list! It is so cool to meet other bloggers who are in Texas. 🙂 I really hope we get to meet up at ATBF — NEXT WEEKEND OMG!

  4. Shannelle C. (The Tracery of Ink)

    Why, thank you, Dean Winchester, it’s nice to hear my awesomeness is appreciated. Oh wait, I should be thanking you, Stormy. Thank you! And no, there’s no particular reason why I bolded it and italicized it.

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