Bedtime Reading Ritual(Day 2 of the Book Blogger Challenge)

Posted September 13, 2013 by Stormy in Books / 4 Comments

I’ve decided to participate in the 15 Day Book Blogger challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. This is definitely a move-at-your-own-pace challenged(which is AWESOME), so even though April did her challenge a month or two ago, she left the linkys opened. Yay! I should also note that I’m not doing these EVERY day–I might do one or two a week. I’m too much of a scheduler to try and do all fifteen days in a row!

15 day book blogging challenge

I don’t have a strict bed time reading ritual, since I don’t always read before bed, but when I do, I always do it the same way. I get comfortable on the couch or my bed, make myself a cup of my favorite decaf mint tea, and read & sip. I also don’t always read before bed because I only feel comfortable stopping at books on pages that are multiple of 50s, and I tend to binge read a LOT. It’s quite common for me to read a book in one sitting, go a day or two without reading, and then read another book, rather than read a little bit of a book every day.

And on that note, I’m off for some more reading!



4 responses to “Bedtime Reading Ritual(Day 2 of the Book Blogger Challenge)

  1. Mm. I don’t have a bedtime reading ritual, but the idea of curling up with a cup of decaf mint tea is enough to make me wish I had one!

    I’m similar about stopping in particular places, but for me it’s chapter ends. Otherwise when I pick back up (and as a binge reader, too, who knows when that will be), I’ll be completely lost.

  2. I have the multiples of 25 quirk, too! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Sometimes I feel a bit weird about it but my compulsion to stop on specific pages overpowers it, haha. With ebooks though, it’s more about reading in increments of 5%, and I have to read at least 10% in one sitting.

  3. Ooh, I didn’t know that the challenge was still on since, like you said, the actual one was months ago. I might actually participate now that I know it’s still open. (And high five! I’m a crazy scheduler too T_T).

    I only feel comfortable stopping at books on pages that are multiple of 50s, and I tend to binge read a LOT.” – That’s a quirky habit! For me, I HAVE to stop at the end of a chapter, or at least a page break, so that I don’t get too messed up when I continue reading the next day. I binge read a lot too. I’d tell myself, “Okay, one more chapter.” and then proceed to read at least three more. That’s how I wake up every morning feeling like somebody taped my eyes closed.

    Lucky you! I can never read a whole book in one sitting, because I’d get easily distracted. And the call of my good ol’ computer is oftentimes too tempting to resist. 😛

    • stormydawnc

      Yeah, I’m very particular with my stopping points!(Even though I mis-typed and meant I only stop at pages that are multiples of 25–so like 25, 75, 150, etc. all work). I dislike reading in small quantities, so I typically just READ READ READ and then take a few day’s break.

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