Blogger Confessions{Day 1 of the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge}

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I’ve decided to participate in the 15 Day Book Blogger challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. This is definitely a move-at-your-own-pace challenged(which is AWESOME), so even though April did her challenge a month or two ago, she left the linkys opened. Yay! I should also note that I’m not doing these EVERY day–I might do one or two a week. I’m too much of a scheduler to try and do all fifteen days in a row!

15 day book blogging challenge


I’ve actually posted 10 bookish confessions before, and I’m not creative enough to think of quite 15 more bookish confessions, so I’m doing book AND blogging confessions:

1. I hate updating my review archive with an undying passion.

It is, hands down, my least favorite “maintenance” thing to do on the blog. I HATE that review archive. Are they even useful? Do people use them? Please let me know if you actually use them, so at least I know I’m keeping on up for a purpose! And yes, I’ve heard of the glory that is the Ultimate Book Blogger plug-in. . . Maybe one day.

2. Out of all the post I write, reviews are my least favorite.

That’s not to say I don’t like writing reviews–because I do! I really enjoy getting to spill my thoughts on a book. But I don’t find them as fun OR entertaining as discussions or features. I mean, it’s pretty good when you’re least favorite post to write is still enjoyable, though. There are some reviews that have just been TORTURE to write, but I enjoy most of them. However, I’ve enjoyed ALL my discussion & feature posts.

3. Sometimes, I feel utterly dry when it comes to creativity & originality.

It can be HARD to feel like what I’m saying hasn’t been said a thousand times before and by someone who was much better at it than me.

4. Until I started blogging, I think I owned MAYBE 5 hardbacks.

I was never a fan of hardbacks. I still prefer paperbacks, but now that I know what the new releases ARE and feel the need to buy some of them, hardbacks are inevitable.

5. Whenever I see a negative review of a book I love, I have the urge(and sometimes do), to hug the book that was reviewed.

Stormy: Hugging books, Not people, since 1991. (I actually am really not a fan of physical touch at all unless we’re SUPER close. I’m talking known-each-other-for-a-decade type of thing. But books? Yeah, you get a hug). I know I sometimes strongly dislike people’s favorite books, so I know this goes both ways, but whenever I see a critical review of one of my favorite hugs, I feel I need to comfort it.

6. I had no idea when I started book blogging I’d enjoy it so much!

Not really a “confession”, per say, but it’s important! I’m really glad I started book blogging and while things happen sometimes(personal life becomes overwhelming, or there becomes a lot of drama in the book blogging community, etc.) the benefits FAR, FAR outweigh the cons for me. It’s not perfect, because nothing is, but I enjoy it SO much.

7. I hate books with deckle edges.

WHY, publishers, WHY? I don’t like the way they look(all rough and unfinished), they are much harder to turn(especially if you have dry skin, like me), and they are, just in general, annoying. It’s 2013. We clearly CAN cut pages to be uniform, because most books are like that. I really don’t see the appeal of deckle edge books at all, to be honest.

8. If I can’t decide which book I want to read, I grab a few and read the first chapter.

It’s all about those awesome beginnings for me! Books with a slow start typically take longer for me to get around to because I do this habit a LOT. I like comparing different first chapters and deciding on my next read from there.

9. I really like passing the bookish love along.

It makes me SO excited when I get to recommend a book to someone and they end up liking it, or I lend a book out and my friend ends up loving it. It makes me so happy, and i think my dream job that doesn’t really exist would be a personal book recommender.

10. I often liked used books best.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have to wipe down used books with a Clorox wipe before they go anywhere near my bookshelf, BUT once the germs are taken care of, used books are often my favorite. I love the character and the history of used books.

11. I like when my books are the same height.

So, unlike most people, it really doesn’t bother me to have books in a series with different cover designs. What DOES bother me with books in a series is if the books are different heights. WHY? I’m looking at my bookshelf right now and I have the first two books in Neal Shusterman’s Skinjacker series. They are both paperback, bought at the same time, have the same type of design, but Everlost is a TINY paperback–like trade paperback size, whereas Everwild is typical paperback size. It’s a difference of a least an inch, and it bugs me.

12. I like reading books I don’t think I’ll like.

I don’t do it often(because really, I DON’T want to spend my time reading something I won’t like), but if I don’t think I’ll like a book, every once in a while I’ll read it anyways, for a few reasons. One, I lead to read across genres widely, which sometimes means reading books in a genre I don’t typically enjoy. And two, I always hope a book will change my mind! It’s happened before. I didn’t really expect to like Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, but I did!

13. I tend to not like covers with couples on the cover.

I ESPECIALLY don’t like kissing or almost-kissing covers. I like abstract covers more than covers with real people.

14. I’ve confessed this before, but I used to be a Lit Snob.

I’ve said it a lot, but it bears repeating. The good news: we can reform! I use to be totally against YA, and now it’s one of my favorite categories to read. SO, I’m living proof that people that turn up their noses at YA might reconsider their opinions someday.

15. I don’t like dust jackets.

Like, in general. I definitely have to read without a dust jacket on, but I’m just anti-dust jacket, honestly. I don’t understand their purpose. Yes, sometimes they’re pretty, but the cover can be imprinted directly on the book. They don’t actually fight against dust(actually, I think they provide more crevices for dust), and I hate having to worry about bending/tearing them. Not a fan!



7 responses to “Blogger Confessions{Day 1 of the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge}

  1. Shannelle C. (The Tracery of Ink)

    I hate dust jackets when you take them off and the edges curl up. But then, the covers on them could even be prettier than the paperbacks.

    One pet peeve are book covers with raised letters for the title, which get dirty easily or just gets scraped off.

    • stormydawnc

      Ooh, I didn’t think of raised letters, but I think I would agree. I actually really like raised lettering for aesthetic purposes, but they do scrape off really easily and I’d prefer my books to all be flat on my bookshelf.

  2. I am an archive user! I love flipping through past reviews and seeing what the blogger has read. It’s great way to get to know the books they like to read! I also like perusing them in case they’ve reviewed a blog I’ve read/am interested to read. Nice to get a second opinion!

    I feel sucked dry of originality and creativity a lot too! Not just in reviews saying the same thing but also for other posts. I look around and see all these bloggers who are GREAT at coming up with cool posts all the time and I’m like, ‘Why can’t I do that?’

    I didn’t know I would enjoy blogging so much either! I’m bad at keeping up with my blogs as I’ve learned from the past but for some reason, book blogging is just really clicking for me!

    I’m not a huge fan of deckle edges either. It’s definitely much harder to flip the pages and while they bring some sort of nostalgia, I would rather a neatly cut book over one all rough.

    Couple and kissing covers are a huge NO for me too. I mean, I get how you shouldn’t care about what you read and you should own it but seriously, I don’t know how someone can read a book with a couple kissing on the front and not be afraid of being judged.

    • stormydawnc

      I like archives too. . . I just hate updating mine. So then I put it off. And then it piles up more. And then I get overwhelmed, so I put it off again. It’s a vicious cycle.
      Kissing covers are just. . . I am not a fan. I’m really not a fan of people on my covers to begin with, so the kissing covers just sort of really hammer that home for me.

  3. 1. Yes, the UBB plugin is SO worth it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even bother with a Review Archive. I’d just point people to my Reviews category. 😛
    2. Agreed. I hate writing reviews most of the time. Sigh.
    3. Ohhhh, how I understand. It sucks.
    4. I still don’t own very many. I do have more now, though, mostly because of author signings.
    7. My sister also hates the deckled edges with a fiery passion! I honestly don’t mind them, but they are getting kind of old. I think she and I determined it was one publisher in particular that was doing it a lot recently, but I can’t remember which one. Penguin, maybe?
    11. Yes, me too. I’ve never understood why they’re all frickin different sizes. Shoudn’t there be some STANDARDS? I’ve come to the conclusion that it must have something to do with the overall book design. How many words on a page, how many pages they want the book to be, etc. Like, maybe they just… fiddle with it until it’s the right length and don’t care how big the pages are? lol.
    13. Me neither. I don’t want books with couples or romance-y looking covers. Or “hot guys” on the covers. Blah.

    • stormydawnc

      *sigh* The UBB plug-in. I want it. . . that might be a present to myself around Christmas-time!
      I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with reviews! I do enjoy writing them MOST of the time, but so often I’m like, “I’d rather be writing this feature. . . or that one. . . or working on a top ten tuesday. . .”
      I definitely don’t own a LOT of hardcovers, but much more than I did since last December. Some I won in giveaways, but I think I own maybe 30 hardcovers now? That’s a lot for me.
      I SO wish there were book size standards. I’d be okay with reading a “longer” book if all the sizes were the same! Most of my hardbacks are *roughly* the same size, but paperbacks are just. . . all over the place. It’s funny, though, all my ARCs are the same size. I don’t have very many, but looking at the like 5 on my shelf now, all from different publishers, ALL the same size. If they can do it for ARCs you’d think they’d do it for real books!

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