September Blogging PenPal Exchange!

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Yup, it times to sign up for book blogging PenPal Exchange! I feel like I just sent out the emails for August PenPals, but the months move by fast! Here’s the info on the PenPal Exchange if you missed last month’s:

Book Blogging PenPal Exchange

This is a PenPal EXCHANGE, meaning that I’ll partner two bloggers up & they’ll be each other penPals for a MONTH. Basic stuff. Here’s how it’ll work:

1)Towards the end of every month, I’ll link a Google docs form for penpals to fill out if interested.

2) Sign-ups will close the at 11:59 PM CST August 28th.

3) On the sign-up forms, you’ll give some info about your blog, your interests, etc, blogging preferences. You WON’T give your mailing address. After pairing bloggers, I’ll send an email to  the PAIR for that month & you can exchange mailing info through that. This is for liability reasons.

4) You’re asked to try and exchange 4 pieces of snail mail a month. So, each person should write about two. At the end of the month, feel free to keep pen-paling if you’d like! And if you choose to keep pen-paling, you can still sign up for a new penpal too.

5)Ideally, I’d love to pair newer bloggers up with older bloggers, so that’s another potential benefit of bookish penpals!

6)If PenPals are your thing but a penpal EXCHANGE doesn’t make you excited, I recommend checking out these lovely bloggers and their penpal system:

RULES & STUFF(I know, I know. . . But it’s important!)

1. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE. Unfortunately, this rule has to be in place for liability reasons. In the future, if this program expands, it may be possible to offer it to under 18-year-olds with parental permission.


Be respectful of me and your penpal. I withold the right to deny someone a penpal for any reason(not responding to last penpal, complaints about rude behavior, etc.)

3. This is NOT a gift exchange. We all love gifts, and you love your penpal. I get it! But, I don’t want any participant to feel like they need to recopicrotate a gift. If you decide to continue conversing via snail-mail after your month, than go for it! But during the month of official penpal ness, please refrain from giving gifts(If you want to get in on the gift-giving spirit, I recommend the Book R.AK. hosted by Book Soulmates).

FAQ’s (I would assume).

Do I have to be a book blogger?

No, however I do ask that you be active in the online bookish community. So if you’re not a blogger, but you comment on book blogs, follow bloggers on twitter, maybe write occasional reviews, or a booktuber, go for it! This isn’t a monitored thing, but it just makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page.

Do I have to be willing to send internationally?

No, however, you are able to sign up if you’re international. You can specify a specific country only, Canada & US, anywhere, etc. If you’re curious about how much it cost to send a letter to international locations, US residents can use the official USPS website for information on international restrictions and costs.

Can I skip months?

Yup! Just sign up for the months you want to be a penpal.

Can I sign up past the closing window if I send you an email?

Unfortunately, no. I’m going to need some time to sort out penpals and when people are being added late, it’s makes it really hard to make it fair for everyone.

What if there’s an odd number of sign-ups?

Then I or someone else will have two penpals that month!(only if they’re willing).

Can I sign up even if I’m not in the US?


Do we have to limit ourselves to talking about books & blogging?

Nope! Books & blogging is a great starting point, but let your PenPal relationship develop naturally. If that means you start talking about your favorite sport teams or career or whatever. Just keep it reasonable–don’t share information you don’t want shared, and be mindful of what YOU share.


I’m excited about the second month of the book blogging PenPal exchange! Since this is the second month, I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up. I changed some of the form questions slightly based upon the first month’s experience, and I think I will do this for October as well. After October sign-ups, I will have a survey about how we all feel about the program so far. Sound good? All right, onto the form:



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