Why I Rock at Pinterest (And Why You Should Follow Me)

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I am a Pinterest pro. Know how I KNOW I’m a Pinterest pro/reasons you should follow me if that’s your thing?

5 Ways I Rock at Pinterest

1. I pin on a variety of topics.

CHANCES ARE, we have something in common Pinterest-wise. I have boards dedicated to recipes, boards dedicated to all my nerdy interest, boards for writing, boards for reading(yes, the plural’s for a reason), boards for design, a board for blogging, etc. If we have common ground at ALL, you will be able to find it on my Pinterest page.

2. I use the “like” feature as a save pin feature so I don’t OVERWHELM anyone who follows me.

Of course, we all go on re-pinning sprees from time to time(we do, right? That’s not just me?) BUT I utilize the LIKE button like nobody’s business. It’s my own personal Pinterest queue.

3. I organize my Pinterest boards like nobody’s business.

Let me put it this way: My Pinterest boards are more organized than my room is. I go through periodically and make sure everything’s pin to the right board. If I see a board is being over-run by a certain “theme”, I’ll make a new board. That’s why I have separate food-related boards for appetizers, meals, and desserts. I have 3 boards dedicated to bookish-things alone.

4. I am a link checker(at least when it matters!)

There’s few things on Pinterest more fustrating than clicking on a pin just to see that it was pinned incorrectly. Maybe the pin’s link is broken, directs to spammy content, or just the homepage of a blog or website instead of a specific post. For pins that require click-through, I CHECK before I pin. You’ll always know that recipe I re-pinned actually goes TO the recipe.

5. I pay attention to my Pin captions.

There are few things more embarrassing, social-media wise, than pinning a pin with a caption that YOU didn’t write and can lead to all sorts of awkwardness. Like, say I pin something and the original caption says something about expecting a baby. EXCEPT *I’m* not expecting a baby! Ah, the Pinterest confusions. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my captions & rewriting them when necessary.

Of course, these are all in good fun(though true!). I’m not quite arrogant enough to think I’m a Pinterest pro. . . maybe a Pinterest apprentice. However, I do use Pinterest quite frequently, so feel free to check out my boards if we have anything in common! Also, feel free to let me know if you’re a heavy Pinterest user/your Pinterest name in the comments!



17 responses to “Why I Rock at Pinterest (And Why You Should Follow Me)

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    […] I honestly don’t get the point of this.  Stormy @ Book.Blog.Bake wrote this great post about why she rocks at Pinterest but aside from her I rarely see any blogger […]

    • stormydawnc

      Same! I’ve found I’ve gotten worse about pin captions recently, since Pinterest changed the layout and they’re on the side now, but I’m making an effort to remember to look at that little box!

    • stormydawnc

      I used to use Pinterest a LOT more before I started using twitter regularly. It’s still probably the #2 social network I use, though, since I don’t really use facebook that much.

      • stormydawnc

        Ack, WordPress. 🙁 I hate whenever that happens(it’s always on the long comments too). I don’t mind if it links to google images if I’m just pinning a picture of a cute puppy or something, but if I expect a recipe and all I get is a picture of the meal, it’s rather annoying.

  2. Yeah, like Asti, I joined Pinterest a couple of years ago when that’s all people were talking about. But after a couple of weeks of pinning things, I quickly fell out of love with it. Now I’ll only use it for recipes since I’m lazy at researching new recipes. Pinterest makes it easy. But you’ve peaked my interest at your own boards, so it looks like I’ll have to check them out after work 🙂

    • stormydawnc

      Pinterest makes me feel like I cook more than I actually do, haha. It’s great for recipes and I also like to pin to a “useful” stuff board. . . I’ve found out so many random things through Pinterest that really DO make annoying task easier.

    • stormydawnc

      I love going through the bookish section on Pinterest! In college, I would spend probably an HOUR, every DAY, on Pinterest. I’ve definitely slowed down steam since then(to the benefit of my productivity), but it’s still once of my favorite social networks.

  3. Asti (A Bookish Heart)

    Haha I love this. I joined Pinterest when it first started taking over the world, but quickly fell out of it. I’m not sure why. Just didn’t quite see the point of it. But, I have to admit I’m curious about your Pinterest after you explained how much you rock at it. lol. I’ve always wondered how much book bloggers actually use it compared to other social media platforms.

    • stormydawnc

      Haha, yeah, I’ve noticed book bloggers don’t seem to use Pinterest pretty much, which is too bad. We’re definitely a wordy bunch, so I understand why a lot of people might decide not to pin their post, but it IS pretty good in fueling bookish addiction.

  4. hahaha…. yes… you must be very careful with pin captions! when i first started on pinterest there were a few times that i would quickly pin something bc i was in a rush with the plan of changing the caption later—- but then later saw what the caption said which could imply a ton of things– pregnancy, illness, children i’ve never spoke of before, etc. lol

    i don’t use pinterest very often, but i wish i did! i’ll get on there and follow! 🙂

    • stormydawnc

      Haha, yes. I actually once pinned a caption that made a friend think I was dating someone(I wasn’t) and she texted me about it! Since then, I’ve been very careful with the pin captions.

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