Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Set in the Future

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, which features (you guessed it!) top ten lists on a given topic each week. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books Set in a Specific Setting(of our choosing). Of course, I love futuristic books, so I decided to do top ten books set in the future.


Hello, strange new futuristic world & new Bejiing. Yes, I’ll take your weird technology, Lunar race, and cyborgs, and HAPPILY read these books. Feel free to come again!


The thing I love about Unwind is that it’s set not TOO far in the future. There’s never a specific date, but iPods and other “today’s technology” are sold in antique shops. People know what our stuff is–just far enough removed to be an antique, not yet far enough removed to be completely obscure.


Creepy aliens. Pondering the human existence. The scariest type of dangers–the ones that wear human faces. Ya know, the things that sci-fi has to offer when it’s at it’s best.


Not a future I’d want to go to, but The Hunger Games is the book that reminded me that YA could be better than GOOD. It also really rekindled my love of reading at a time that it had started running a little dry. Panem is so chilling as a Dystopia.


I know Shatter Me is one of those love-it-or-hate-it books, and sometimes I do dislike Juliette, but the world that was glimpsed in Shatter Me was so interesting. I wish there had been more of it. Here’s hoping Unravel Me fulfills that void!(which I haven’t read yet).


Set in a future where human cloning is standard, The House of the Scorpion is one of the first books I remember that made me have a really physical reaction to the words on the page–I still remember my hand shaking, partly in horror, and partly in anticipation, to see what every new page would bring.


The Giver is like False Utopia 101 in schools, right? Remember that moment when you realize Jonas lives in a world without color?


I don’t think that the world or the future in Divergent & Insurgent is that well laid-out. I get that it doesn’t really “work” as a Dystopia. But I still love it as a setting because 1)the unique location of Chicago, and 2)The idea of dividing the population based on personality, while ludicrous, is also interesting to explore. It’s not a world I’d like to hold up under a microscope, but it’s a world I’d like to explore all the same.

Ah, once again I fail to get quite to ten. Oh well, even if I could only come up with 8, I still REALLY like these futuristic books! I’m not even sure they all are stated to be in OUR future, rather than a parallel universe, but they feel futuristic to me, so I’m running with it!



14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Set in the Future

  1. I love the setting of THG and I think the books did an awesome job of bringing it to life. As to Unwind, I loved the book, but I can’t remember the place it was set in. Cinder was a new setting that I had never read about. Beijing?! Loved it!

    • stormydawnc

      I LOVE that Cinder was set in a futuristic Beijing. It was so different and an awesome choice for a setting!

  2. Emily

    Ohh, I did Top Ten dystopian/futuristic books I want to read, and I totally forgot about The Lunar Chronicles!! Everyone’s been loving them recently; I NEED to read them!!

    Emily from Blue-Eyed Bibliophile

  3. I’ve only read The Giver and The Hunger Games out of your list, but I’ve heard really great things about The House of the Scorpian. My sister loved that book in junior high. I feel so behind in all those dystopian books — I love the genre but haven’t read many of its books. One day!

  4. I think the Giver still amazes me to this day. It was so forward-thinking about the corruption of utopias. I’ve also read The Hunger Games and Divergent but the Lunar Chronicles sound interesting. I might have to take a look.

  5. I’ve only read Cinder from your list, but I didn’t enjoy it unfortunately. I really do want to read The Hunger Games before Catching Fire comes out. I thought the movie was a great one and the whole idea of it was really interesting and scary at the same time. Great List :).

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