I’m Graduating! Goodbye College– You will be Missed.

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May 18th– my college graduation! I’m writing this in advance(because today I’m getting up super early to get ready and you know, spend time with my family), but I still wanted to take things on a (slightly) more personal note and blog about my four years of college. I’ve been lucky– I’ve gotten to go to a school I love, had great roommate experiences(no horror stories here), and figured out what I wanted to major in pretty early. I tend to be a pretty sentimental/nostalgic person, so how about a trip down Stormy’s memory lane(It’s okay if you don’t want to board this train– feel free to continue to the next bookish post).



Moving In. This is my roommate & I on move-in day in August 2009(I’m the one on the left, in case you can’t tell). You can’t see in this picture, but I took a life lesson away from this day: If you live in Texas and it’s August, never, EVER, EVER move in to a dorm room or any other place in jeans. Luckily that was the only bad part of my day. I didn’t know my roommate at all besides the few emails we exchanged over the summer (one in which she told me she lived in AR and I proceeded to ask her about life in Arizona. Not my proudest moment!), but it ended up being a really good living situation, though one year in a tiny dorm room was enough for me.


Dorm life. I think it speaks for itself– TINY, but I was rather proud of our bright colors. This was early on, so I ended up decorating quite a bit more(as you can see, my suitcase isn’t even put away yet), but my side is the blue and green color scheme, which I still love.

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Traditions. My university’s big on traditions. I went to a football game as part of the Baylor line(it’s a tradition for freshman– we would run on the field before the game, make a tunnel for the football player, and then sit on the opposing team’s side in our bright gold line jerseys), candle vigil before homecoming that happens every year for ten basketball players that passed away in a bus-train crash several decades ago, and dress up the statue of Judge Baylor for Christmas. My roommate & I also had a tradition of decorating our dorm room door for the holidays– Christmas was by far our best decoration! We were only allowed to decorate from the door handle up, but I like what we did with it.


SNOW DAY! Laugh if you must Northern friends, but this was only the second time I had ever seen snow in my home state. It was fun and exciting experience, and I believe classes were cancelled the next day. I also learned that I do not own footwear for snow– much slipping happened that day.


Classes. They happened as well, and I learned for the first time the pain that is normally known as finals. I dealt by drawing hearts for each subject I was taking on this whiteboard picture, then “shooting” arrows through them when I was done with the final. Latin got special treatment because I hated it.


Basketball. In the Spring my Dad & I got to see the women’s basketball final four in San Antonio. We lost(that year! Ended up winning a national championship my Junior year, but I wasn’t physically there), but it was still a LOT of fun.


This was one of the stickers that was on my giant poster board wall all freshman year, and well, not to be cheesy or anything, but it really WAS a great year.



Phi Lamb. One of the biggest things my sophomore year was that I ended up pledging Phi Lamb, a national Christian sorority(most chapters are at southern schools). I joined kind of on a whim– I didn’t really know if it was for me– but I’m SO glad I did. Over time Phi Lamb became the thing I was involved in the most. I jumped in with feet first and was service chair with a co-chair my Junior year and ended up being secretary my senior year.

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More snow. I know, this is like nothing compared to the majority of the US, but I have literally never seen so much snow in my life– this was my best snow day EVER. Though I don’t think I’d like it for more than a day. Don’t know how ya’ll deal with it, Northerners!


Changed my major. In the Fall I changed my major from English to Professional Writing. The majors are in the same department, but have different graduation requirements. I’m really glad I changed, because I ended up loving the majority of my professional writing classes. I had the same professors for several classes in a role and I think being in such a small major was good for me.



Internship. Junior year was by FAR my hardest year, but there were good parts as well! The summer before junior year I had an awesome summer job as an intern at a non-profit day camp. Most of the pictures I have from that experience are with the kids, which I can’t post for liability reasons, but one time we had an afternoon “encouragement” activity and this is a note one of the older kids wrote!


Fun times. Junior year wasn’t a year of REALLY BIG MOMENTS like my senior year was, but in between my hardest class loads EVER, there were quite some fun times. This picture was at a Phi Lamb event for big sis reveal and everyone was themed. I’m Peter Pan, clearly(even if my jeans don’t quite match the rest of my outfit).


So many great moments, and so many sad lasts as well.


Another great summer. I worked with the same day camp as I had the summer before my Junior year, but this time I went back as a reading coordinator. Each grade level came through the reading program once a morning, so I trained volunteers, paired them with children, and worked with kids to basically help their summer reading. I also got to giveaway books to kids, which for a brief moment seriously made me consider going for a Masters in library science. One of the kids in the program painted this picture– if you look closely, I’m clearly labelled standing next to my bookshelf!


Awesome people. I ended up being an officer in Phi Lamb(secretary) this past year, and while I LOVED it, I won’t say it wasn’t tough sometimes. This box was dropped off at my front door anonymously one day filled with delicious cupcakes after a sort of rough week. I was surrounded by incredibly awesome people my senior year, and that’s a big reason in why it’s been my favorite year of college.

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Exploration. This picture was also taken at my summer job, but it’s silly and I like it because I’m not NORMALLY a silly person, and I got to explore how to not be so serious this year. I’m probably just filled with cliches today, but senior year was a LOT about me exploring who I am and what I want to do after graduation. Thought hopefully no pie-in-the-side-of-my-face adventures will be involved.


Last formal. And so begins the series of “last”. This one? Last(and actually, due to a series of strange events, also first) Phi Lamb formal.


This is a giant bear at my school’s annual homecoming parade(the bear is our mascot), and I think it’s a fitting send-off for my graduation day. It’s so strange and exciting to realize by the end of TODAY(at least, the day that this post goes live), I will have a college diploma. I’m the first person in my family, besides an Aunt, to get a college degree, and the first in my immediate family. It’s been a bit surreal to actually DO it–to make it to this point. As sad as I am to leave, I’m also excited for what comes next!



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  1. Congrats on graduating. Have a great day today after all your hard work. And thanks for sharing your college life, it was fun to see. I always appreciate personal posts as we get a glimpse at the person behind the blogger.

  2. Congratulations on graduating, Stormy! It was fun to read about your uni life and I’m glad you had a great experience (even with the tough patches). Best wishes! <3

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