So Twisty! So Turny! Except when It’s Not

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I love a good plot twist. Mess with my mind, convince me that everything I’ve thought the entire way through a book or movie is wrong and give me the real story. Let me gasp in wonder and amazement about the author’s brilliant mind to think of such interesting story turns.

Except I’ve found I’m hardly ever surprised by plot twists anymore. I don’t know if I’m just good at guessing plot twists, or if it’s because I’ve been reading more and I’m more aware of what to look for. I tried thinking of books I’ve read since 2013 started to see if any of them surprised me, which ones I saw coming from a mile away, and which ones didn’t work for me.

I recently saw a spoiler of “The End Games on accident”. I won’t say what the spoiler was, but I was surprised because as soon as I read the summary, I took the spoiler as a given. I didn’t even realize we were suppose to think that said spoiler would not happen. It just seemed a logically extension of the summary to me.

So, I decided to go through some of the books I’ve read since January & see which one surprised me and which ones I saw coming. (Don’t worry, spoilers will be marked IN RED ALL CAPS LETTERS! IF THERE ARE ANY)

Saw it A Mile Away:


I think this one may have been intentional, but still. Not hard to guess. The foreshadowing starts within the first couple of chapters and with every bit of information we got, my theory made more sense and was justified at the end. I think most people saw this plot twist coming.


I was pretty certain how Pandemonium would end as soon as I finished Delirium. I found the plot of Pandemonium pretty predictable; of course Lena joins the revolution, of course plot reveal at the end happens, etc., which I think is why it was such a lackluster read for me.


There’s a few different summaries for this book, but one of them mentions a psychopath, as and soon as we’re introduced to the Period 8 kids, it’s pretty easy to spot who it is. Unfortunately, this lack of a real twist is what made me not like the book as much as I could have.

Would Have Bet on It:

Twists I wasn’t completely 100% sure of, but still pretty certain my hunches were correct–enough to put (a little) money on it.


OK, now that I’ve sufficiently warned you(but really, if you haven’t read this book yet and don’t want to be spoiled, here’s your last chance to turn back! I know I hate spoilers, so I’m trying to give you ample room. Are you sure you want to continue? OK).

Edward turns up in the middle of the sea from nowhere and is evasive. Of course he’s from the island. Juliet has to take injections for a “rare condition?” We know there’s something fishy there. I was shocked by the ending, but more by the cliffhanger than any twists. I really do like these twists, though, even if I guessed them ahead of time; they were really well-done and horrifying.



Weird sudden onset of certain skills aside, The Maze Runner was pretty predictable science fiction. There’s a twist at the end, but it’s pretty easy to see coming when everything starts to wrap up a little too quickly. It’s a bit of a cliffhanger that I really hated, despite being almost certain the book would end that way!

Yay! You Surprised Me!


I wasn’t surprised by all the twist in this book, but I was surprised by the main one. The revelation came a little late for my liking, but it was still a really well-done twist that did catch me completely off-guard. My favorite kind.


Oh my goodness. The ending to this book is just. . . perfect. It is one of my favorite endings ever, and I did not see it coming. I did not have even an inkling of it. I’m pretty sure my mouth literally gaped open reading the last page. I had to sit and process it for a moment. I really enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t perfect. The ending, however, was.

So, on the whole, out of the books that had significant plot twist, I saw the majority coming or at least had a hunch. If you’re read any of these books, let me know how you felt about the twists! (Please be careful of spoilers–mark them clearly if you reference them! I’d hate for someone to be spoiled).  I have to say my favorite twist of any book I’ve read this year is Parallel by Lauren Miller. I cannot get over the ending, I love it so much.



12 responses to “So Twisty! So Turny! Except when It’s Not

  1. Great post! I wasn’t as aware of the twist in Cinder as many others have reported, but I also wasn’t really surprised by it (I think I knew it all along but just didn’t really NOTICE, if that makes any sense).

    I just started Parallel, so you’ve got me even more excited for it now! 🙂

  2. I love twists! But if I can guess them from a mile away, I get a little disappointed. Why, oh why? Sigh. I love that Parallel have them because it’s way up on my to-read list. The most recent books with twists I read was The Rules by Stacey Kade and I loved it!

    • stormydawnc

      I LOVED the twist in Parallel. There’s one towards the end that pretty much left my jaw on the floor!

  3. Anonymous

    I love trying to guess a plot but after a while it does become harder as you will have come across something like it before. Like you, I’m pretty good at guessing but I like the actual guessing too, it’s good fun and part of the reading experience for me. If a book does surprise me though, I will automatically love it, there is nothing I like better than a plot as twisty as a corkscrew.

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

  4. I agree, the more you read, the easier it is to see plot twists. It’s getting really bad for me when I watch TV shows and movies. However, I recently started watching Hannibal and I can’t guess what’s going to happen in the long run or what’s going to happen in each episode. You’d think as a cop show it would be the same thing over and over again, but every episode of Hannibal I freak out because I have NO IDEA what’s going on or what’s coming.

    Sometimes I like that I know the ending a head of time, because it’s something that I want to happen, i.e. The False Prince or Cinder. It actually helps me get through the story because it’s something to really look forward to.

  5. I’m sad to say I haven’t read any of the books on that list. 🙁 However, I understand seeing the twists coming (especially after you’ve read a lot of books). Some kinds of books end up having a kind of formula behind them and you just KNOW Situation A will happen or Situation B won’t. 🙂

  6. Asti (A Bookish Heart)

    Oh twists. I don’t think I’m as good as guessing them ahead of time, but that’s usually because I don’t try? I don’t know. I try to just let myself get sucked into the story and go along for the ride without thinking ahead too much.

    The last two books I’ve read that had twists at the end I wasn’t fully expecting were 17 & Gone and Insurgent. The 17 & Gone one really made the book for me. The Insurgent one was just sort of meh. Have to wait for the next one to actually care about it.

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