Month Completed: March

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Every month, I think of doing a monthly wrap-up like I know so many of my favorite bloggers normally do. And every month, I forgot until the 5th or 6th of the next month and then give up. But NOT this month! Hooray! Unfortunately, I’m writing this post from my dad’s computer, not my own, so I don’t have any pictures to share, so forgive me in advance for the text-heavy post.


In Life in General:

  • My college graduation became suddenly VERY real when I purchased my cap and gown from the bookstore. I can’t believe in two months I’ll actually have a bachelor’s degree! I’m the first person in my family(except for an Aunt) to actually get a degree, so getting a degree in something that I LOVE has been such a journey/accomplishment. 
  • I applied for many, many, many post-grad jobs. Eeek!
  • I remembered the deliciousness that is the kolache. If you don’t know what this lovely Czech pastry is, I feel sorry for you–you’re missing out! You should see if there’s a Czech bakery in your area.
  • I also went to a ceramic painting place(you know, the type of place they have ceramics made, you paint them, they fire them, and you pick them back up in a couple of days? One of those) and had a blast. I also indulged in my love for all hues of green and blue.
  • I got to visit home for both Spring break and  (part of)Easter break.
  • HELLO, my favorite season of the year. I love you, Spring, with your wildflowers and slight winds and my birthday later on.



Most popular review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

My favorite post: A Letter to Female Characters

I also started the semi-regular(aka when I feel like it on Fridays) “A Letter to” Feature and discussed the books that have meant a lot to me in college.


Hands down, Scarlet by Marissa Meyer was my favorite book of the month. My review is scheduled for sometime in April, but let’s just say that I LOVED this book.

I also re-read the entire Harry Potter series over spring break. The verdict? I love it just as much as I did when the books were first released!

What’s in April:

  • My last full month of undergrad. This also means my last research paper. 
  • My calendar is full with end-of-the-year and Spring events, and I’m really looking forward to it!
  • There’s a lot of exciting releases coming out in April, but the book I’m looking forward to most this next month is Taken by Erin Bowman.

Hope you had a wonderful month as well! What are you looking forward to in April?



5 responses to “Month Completed: March

  1. Asti (A Bookish Heart)

    Yay for being in the home stretch for graduation! I’m right there with you. Of course, I’m planning on going straight to graduate school in the fall so unfortunately this month won’t be the last month of research papers for me, but still. It’ll be nice to finally have something to show for all this work!

    I haven’t read Scarlet yet (or Cinder) but have heard so many good things! It’s definitely high up on my (always increasing) TBR list.

    Happy Easter!

    • Thanks! Congrats on your graduation as well!
      I really want to go to graduate school, but after a LOT of thought, I decided not to go right away because a)I can’t afford it and b)I have a general idea of what I want to study, but I would like to specify it a little bit more first. Good luck with grad school!
      Cinder & Scarlet are A-mazing–one of my favorite series right now!

  2. Jade

    I recently decided to start the monthly conclusions, mine goes live tomorrow though.
    Ahh! I bet the anticipation for graduating is off the scale… Good luck with all the job searching 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more of these from you!

  3. Scarlet was so amazing!! AAHH I want to reread it haha. I have had to tell myself no on many occasions because I have so many other books that I need to read. Ugh it’s the best feeling to be done school! I can’t imagine being done my bachelor’s yet, but my term is just ending and I feel SO relieved. What kind of jobs are you applying for?

    • That’s like the eternal struggle of my life–reread all these amazing books I love or read new books to discover new amazingness?
      Most of the jobs I’ve applied for have been writing/editorial, but I’ve also applied in various fields of communication. My major is professional writing with a double minor in corporate communications & religion, so my yet-determined dream job would combine all THREE of those into a interesting career, but right now I’d be more than happy with one out of three!

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