A Letter To. . . Lucy Pevensie

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For the past few Fridays, I’ve been writing a letter to some of my favorite characters in my “A Letter To” feature on this blog. I started the feature because I wanted to write a letter to female characters to kick off women’s history month, but then I thought it could be a good feature and decided to keep it going. In future months, I’ll probably only do it every-other week, but since March is women’s history month, I thought it would be a good idea to write letters to some of my favorite female characters each week. This week, I’m writing a letter to Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia.


Dear Lucy,

I came across you and your siblings when I was young. I was remember reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and feeling quite smart that I knew what the Blitz was, since it’s briefly mentioned in the opening page of the book, and I’ll admit this feeling of intelligence is the reason that nine-year-old me read on. Soon, however, that slipped away as I discovered Narnia alongside you.

Even at that age, I knew I had uncovered something special.

Reading about Narnia filled me with excitement. I liked stories and fantasies and fairy tales, and this book went into detail about all my favorite parts, like Christmas and Spring coming, and brushed over the battle, which at the time I thought was a spectacular idea. Upon first reading, I found a friend in Susan, as we were both sensible creatures and I liked pretending to be older than I really was. I kept coming back to the books over and over again, and as I aged I became less and less like Susan.

Then I identified with Edmund. At fourteen, I had been having a rough time for the past year or so, and I needed a character who didn’t like himself or herself very much. I felt pretty down at the time, and was hard on myself for not being “better”. I craved redemption, so I was drawn to the characters who actually received it.

Now, reading the Chronicles as a college student, I gravitate towards you, Lucy. Your character is a reminder to have faith, which has its own rewards, and never give up on imagination and adventure. As I get ready to embark on an adventure of adulthood, I like to cling to the character who reminds me of the best parts about being childlike, as I left my sullen teenage self behind me a few years ago. I find you a reminder to be young enough to still read fairy tales in my heart while being older than a child and acting as a responsible adult. At one point, I thought those might be either/or types of people; that I could not possibly be both responsible and embrace all things fantastical in life. I see now that I can do both. I will always embrace the imaginative side of life and embrace my own personal Narnia in my own Lucy-like way.



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10 responses to “A Letter To. . . Lucy Pevensie

    • Definitely one of my favorites as well! I can never make up my mind of the favorite book in the series. I think right now it’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but next week I might give a different answer.

  1. At 9 you were Susan, at 14 Edmund and now Lucy-It’s amazing how every time you re-read a book you discover something new about yourself right?

    I loved Edmund too-There’s something about those toured and misunderstood characters! 😉

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