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Today, I’m participating in the Book Chat link-up hosted by Sweet Green Tangerines. The Book Chat is basically exactly what it sounds like; each Thursday, a topic is put forth for discussion and various bloggers sound off. I followed the chat last Thursday, even though I didn’t participate, and I liked the idea a lot so I wanted to try it. I liked how open-ended the prompts were and also how unlike certain link-ups and memes are focused solely towards the book blogging community, I noticed a lot of the blogs that participated in the book chat weren’t book blogs. I love book blogs, but I like other blogs too, so I thought it would be fun to participate in this!

This week’s topic is abandoning books. 

It’s not a secret that I hate abandoning books. Maybe it’s the inner English major in me, or the idea that’s been embedded in me to never give up, but I have a seriously hard time abandoning a book. I mean, books are art! They contain words, my favorite thing on the planet. Why would I want to not finish one? After all, despite my feelings on a given book, just having a book out there in the open is quite an accomplishment, and it feels right to celebrate that by reading said books.

However, I’ve been trying to remember that these are books I read for fun. They’re not my school books or books that I have to read for a group. They’re books I choose to read as a way of living many different lives and being in many different places. In many ways, books are like a vacation. And why would I choose to take a vacation to somewhere I don’t want to go?

Just because I choose to not go to a certain area doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it; it just means that specific location is for me. I’m not a fan of cold weather climates, so a ski resort is probably not the place for me. That’s how I want to view books I don’t finish. There may be a few books that I just truly abhor and think should never be read by anyone, but most of the time, books I abandon just aren’t for me.

So I’ll let other people go to the ski resort, and I’ll stay on the beach with the nice warm weather and the perfect read for me.


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14 responses to “Book Chat: Abandoning Books

  1. I never feel guilty because unless it’s really bad, I usually plan on finishing it at some point. If I feel like a book is getting slow, I’ll switch to another book. I kind of hit pause on some reads and move on for a while, then I’ll go back. Sometimes that helps me a lot. I’m kinda spacey like that, I suppose. Although, there are times when I just dislike a book and can’t plan to go back to it. I just have to flounce it like a bad TV show!

    I love the vacation comparison! Every book and location is not for everyone!

  2. Alise (Readers in Wonderland)

    I feel the same too. I used to refuse to give up books before I started blogging. I had to read every last awful page. But now that I blog I realize my time is really limited and not to waste it on a book that has no redeeming qualities.

  3. I love your comparison of books to a vacation, but I have to admit I have no problem abandoning books. Sometimes a story just doesn’t click, and it’s okay to stop reading. You aren’t going to like everything, and there are no rules about finishing what you started. There are too many good books out there to waste time on one you don’t enjoy.

  4. Books are a vacation! I love the idea of thinking about abandoning a book like leaving a vacation spot that you don’t like. If only it were so easy and inexpensive to quit a vacation spot and move to another!

  5. Welcome to the Book Chat! I’m not a(n exclusive) book blogger, but I find this is all I blog about now haha. I also have a really hard time abandoning books. I just think it might get better!!

  6. Why do all us readers feel guilty about abandoning a book. I’m the same way as you I hate to quit a book. I’m reading a book right now that I don’t like and it is taking me forever to finish it.

    • I have no idea! Maybe it’s residual guilt left from required reading for school? Or being told to never be a quitter? Apparently my problems with abandoning books run to a psychological level!

  7. I’m glad you found us! As someone with a foot in the book blog world a foot in the non-book blog world, I love having the book chat because I can book chat with both sides. 🙂 And the girls who participate are pretty awesome. I hope you continue to join us!
    I love your comparison of books to vacation because that is so true. I really hate it when I’m not enjoying a book. It becomes all I can think about. I find it best to just accept it and move on.
    Great post!

  8. I like the comparison of books to a vacation. I always feel like a mean person when I want to quit a book.. viewing it this way lessens the guilt for sure. 🙂

    • I feel mean too. I mean, the author managed to get a book published–pretty big accomplishment! But trying to view books as a mini-vacation definitely makes me feel better about giving up on books sometimes.

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