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Confession: I am incapable of making small talk. I tend to be quiet in real life, so I hardly ever initiate small talk. I can be a great converser, but I hate the idea of small talk. I have this ability to take a conversation about a football game or a run-down of someone’s day and turn it into a rumination of life, philosophy, and art. Seriously. I can get almost any conversation on to a serious topic in about five minutes as long as the other person doesn’t run away. Sometimes this is good when I meet kindred spirits, but then sometimes I scare people away.

I’ve always been the serious kid–the one who did things like that, wrote poetry, and read books on philosophy for fun and not for class. I mean, it’s not like I don’t have a sense of humor, because I do, and I’d like to think it’s a good one. I can be dry and witty and I have a great deadpan humor face. But even my humor is more of the serious sort than a lot of people.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this lately as it relates to this blog because I’ve been thinking of review styles. There are so many different ways people choose to review books, whether that’s in a list format or being silly with lots of fun GIFs or what have you. I feel like my reviews are often more serious than the reviews by bloggers I normally read. I still fangirl and gush, but I typically do it with less exclamation points! and FANGIRLING CAPLOCKS! Even just doing that feels like a betrayal of my personality, to be honest. I tend to use more of those things in comments on other reviews; maybe because it’s easiest in comments to reflect the mood of the post you’re commenting on. Not sure.

I love reading reviews that have fun GIFs and humor and sarcasm–really. And so there’s this part of me that thinks maybe I should do that too. But that’s just not me. At least, not normally. Maybe someday I’ll write a post where I feel comfortable with those things, and I’ll gladly embrace it, but until then, I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing. And that’s OK, I think. Because in the past couple of months, this serious kid has been welcomed into the book blogging world. I’ve been able to interact with other bloggers via comment and twitter, and it’s been wonderful. It really, really has.

Because sometimes, when you’re the serious kid, you don’t always exactly feel welcomed into social groups. Sometimes people don’t want someone around who has a tendency to go deep in life quickly, and I get that, and I can adjust accordingly. But when I do that, I always feel like I’m hiding just a tiny bit of myself, and I haven’t felt that way since I’ve started this blog. It’s been my space, yes, but it includes a wider community, and never once have I felt the need to be less serious than I really am.

So, the point of this post? Thanks for letting the serious kid sit at the book blogging table. Right alongside the funny kids and the nerdy kids and the outgoing kids. Books appeal to a wide range of readers, I’ve found, and one of my favorite things about this community I’ve joined so far is that there’s room for us all. Cheesy? Yes, a little. True? absolutely.



9 responses to “The Serious Kid & Book Reviewing

  1. Radiant Shadows (@RadiantShadowss)

    I really love this post – and your honesty! I’ve struggled with my voice on my blog as well, trying to find a style that I was comfortable with AND that people could relate to. It’s not an easy task for those of us who don’t write hilarious and witty posts easily! Lol

  2. Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

    Oh, I love this post, Stormy! It’s so honest and real. Personally, I definitely feel like I’m in the same boat as far as reviewing goes. (Certain people think my reviews are hilarious but idk, because I really never try for humor.) And I think that’s great that you know what works for you and that you aren’t going to compromise that to gain followers/fit in with a certain demographic.

  3. This is so inspiring! YES, there is room for everyone and their fangirling (because everyone’s a fangirl at heart) XD I find that my review style changes from post to post, depending on my mood. Sometimes I feel introspective, and other times I’m like OMG GUYS, CHECK DIS OUUUT! Haha awesome post!!

  4. I feel similarly. I also tend to write reviews that are more serious (and quite a bit longer) than most other peoples’ are. But I do think there’s a spot for each person’s own reviewing style. I’m glad you’ve felt welcomed in the community for your first few months! 🙂

  5. We could totally be BFFs in real life! I am the same way. I am really sarcastic in person but when I write blogs they tend to sound like English major papers (since that is what I was). They sound more formal than I even want them to be. I’m trying to find my voice on my new blog. Eventually I think that I will find it but for now, I’m just writing how I’m comfortable and hopefully I’ll find some blog readers that I will connect with. Until then I’m just enjoying reading and then writing about what I read. Really awesome post!

    • Yes! My writing has always been fairly formal, even before college. I’ve decided to just embrace it as my writing voice and not try to alter it unless I have a real need to for a different audience. Even when I try to convey a bit of humor/sarcasm in post, I feel it often gets lost in the translation from webpage to reader.

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