My Top 25 Songs + Book Pairings{1}

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I was trying to decide what I should do for a post to break up what can easily become a monotony of book reviews, but I didn’t want to participate in another meme because I no one likes visiting blogs overcrowded with memes. Besides books, one of my other things to talk about is music, and I’m always curious to know what type of music people listen to. I’m often surprised by the genres people like to listen to, and I think our musical taste, like our book taste, says a lot about us. Therefore, I thought I’d share my top 25 most played songs on iTunes plus a book I think would pair nicely with each one. Originally, I thought about doing all 25 in one post, but then I remembered I seem to be physically incapable of writing a list without explanation, so I’ll only do five at a time.

1. Choose the One Who Loves You More–Copeland

All right, I’m about to do your ears a favor. If you have never heard of the amazing band that is Copeland, get yourself to YouTube right now. I wouldn’t call Copeland my favorite band, but they hands down make the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard, and this song is my absolute favorite. I find it almost physically impossible to skip this song whenever it plays, no matter how much I’ve listened to it. If you listen to one song from this list, please let it be this one.

Literary Pairing: On the surface, you would think this song would work well for a love triangle, and I could definitely see a bookish pick going this way, but I never personally thought of this song that way. For me, this song’s always been more about choosing between two different paths or ideas, rather than two people. My pick for this song is Delirium by Lauren Oliver. While romantic love certainly plays into Delirium, I think that Lena faces a choice between a life of love, which comes with pain, or a safe life, which is painless but includes none of the best things about life.

2. Golden–Switchfoot

This song is pretty much what got me through the first two years of high school. For the longest time, it held the “Stormy’s Official Favorite Song” title, though, as you can see, has been replaced by the Copeland song above. Still excellent, though. I listened to this song at least once a day between the ages of fourteen and sixteen.

Literary Pairing: In my head, this song has always paired really well with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It reminds me of Lucy, because even though she’s incredibly joyful and full of faith, there’s definitely some self-doubt there, which becomes more apparent later in the Chronicles of Narnia. I also listened to this song a LOT when the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie was coming out, which linked them quite a bit in my mind I think.


I always identified with this song, especially since when I first heard it I was going through a pretty tough time, and there were certain lyrics that I was almost sure had been written directly about me, they felt so relevant to my life.

Literary Pairing: Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins. Because, let’s face it, by the end of this series, there’s only a handful of people that couldn’t relate to this song in the broken world that Katniss endures every day.

4. When Finally Set Free–Copeland

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, Copeland appears a *lot* on my top 25 most played songs. At least two more times. Once again, a beautiful song, from the music to the lyrics. The 45 second intro at the beginning prompts an emotional response from me every time, no matter how many times I’ve heard it.

Literary Pairing: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. There’s not a ton of logical reasons I can think of that make Hopeless such a good match for this song, but for me, they both have a similar emotional feel. There’s this sense of despair and loss that ends with hope and healing.

5.Shine–David Crowder Band

I was actually really surprised that this song is my 5th most-played song. It’s one I really like, but I didn’t realize I had listened to it that much. Apparently, I have. The video is awesome, so I highly recommend watching it!

Literary Pairing: Unlocked, by Karein Kingsbury. I think the lyrics of this song fit Holden and Ella’s relationship well and the repeated quiet imagery throughout the song definitely goes along well with themes throughout the book.


Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and have an opinion on my musical pairings! And, if you listen to and like Copeland, please let me know, because I desperately need to be able to talk about the awesomeness of their music with someone else!


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5 responses to “My Top 25 Songs + Book Pairings{1}

  1. Danielle Dore (@shadytreereads)

    Wow what a great idea for a post! I will have to listen to some of these songs. I loved your comment on my blog about Divergent, because I loved Insurgent too! I am surprised that so many didn’t like it. Four is amazing. I saw that you put Caleb on your last TTT, so true! What a jerk.

    • Thanks! I’ve seen a few other post that make playlist for books, but I’ve never seen it the opposite way around: start with a song and pair with a book. Insurgent was *soo* good! Divergent was great, but it had more of a juvenile-ish feel to me. Not necessarily in a bad way, but at times it almost read like a (very screwed up) version of Harry Potter–bit of a boarding school vibe, with a lot of the middle story being Tris’ training. I love those stories, but Insurgent was just so much bigger & more global. And if you listen to one song from this list, I recommend either of the Copeland songs the most!

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