Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Literary-Minded

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I know that many, many bloggers had gift ideas for the bookish and the literary-minded at the beginning of December. I know, because I read a lot of those list, looking for gifts for myself! However, if you’re anything like me, gift shopping might be rather last-minute for you, which I why I decided to throw together a little list of good last minute gifts for the bookish.


1. Movie: Midnight in Paris

Why: This is a great gift for the bookish because of all the references to literary figures of the early 20th century. I am not normally a movie fan, watching on average about five movies a year, but I loved this movie. It’s smart and I think many readers can relate to the main character. Also, I may have audibly squealed when T.S. Eliot appeared.

2. A Donation to a Literacy-Promotion Charity

Why: This past summer, I worked as a reading coordinator for a summer reading program in a low-income community. Among other things, I trained volunteers, which meant I was required to memorize certain facts about literacy. One that sticks with me? In low income communities, there is 1 book for every 1,000 children. That’s a statistic that breaks my heart, and I think a lot of readers feel the same way. A $10 or $20 donation in someone’s name is a great gift for a reader who doesn’t have room for books. Here’s a few good literacy-oriented charities, but you can also do a Google search to find more:

  • First Book— focuses on getting books to kids in America and Canada in low-income communities.
  • Book Aid International— provides books for children and libraries in Africa.
  • Reading is Fundamental — works on getting kids more access to books in America.
  • Room to Read— works in Asia and Africa to promote literacy for elementary age kids and also supports girls continuing their education

3. The Banned Book Mug

Why: Every single book lover I know is a coffee or tea drinker, and most of us are mug collectors. I had three different kinds of mugs on my Christmas list this year(and it was not a long list. Mugs made up half of it!). What’s better on the morning of December 26th than reading a new book while drinking coffee out of this literary mug? Plus, if you’re panicking about the gift being shipped on time, the website has a handy map that shows how long deliveries take depending on where you are.

4. Floating Bookshelves

Why: Sometimes, there’s too many books, too little room. Floating bookshelves won’t hold an entire collection of books, but if the books have begun taking over the floor, it’s a great way to clean up a living space a little bit. Plus, I like how the shelf itself takes up hardly any room. Great for keeping things simple.

5. Journal from Target

Why: Reading normally leads to writing, even if it’s just writing in a journal or diary. I’ve kept a journal since I was ten, so with eleven years of experience, I can say that this journal from Target is one of my favorites, and I think other literary lovers will love it too.

Hope this guide helps if you’re in need of some last-minute bookish gifts. What bookish gifts have you bought(or hope to get!) this holiday?


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    • I’m the same way– I have so many journals and writing notebooks and I can never get rid of them. If you stacked them, they’d probably be at least half my height!

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