I Rec’d It! {9}

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I rec it

I rec’d it a monthly(-ish) feature in which I share latest recommendations for books, apps, TV shows, etc. Basically anything that catches my fancy!


Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Obviously I recommend books all the time, it’s a key feature of this blog, but I want to recommend this book again & again. I wasn’t expecting much from this book, honestly, but it blew me away. Radio Silence follows a teen girl who is obsessed with a Welcome to Night Vale-esque podcast, and through random circumstances, ends up realizing she vaguely knows the creator and they become friends. It features a great girl/guy platonic friendship and deals seriously with what it’s like to be famous in a fandom(both the good and bad), mental health, emotional abuse, and academic pressure. It’s serious, but not depressing, and really just a refreshing take on some concepts.

TV shows:

One Day at a Time

I watched One Day at a Time in April and it is SO GOOD. It’s a reboot of the classic sitcom, One Day at a Time, but you don’t have to be familiar with that one to watch the Netflix original. One Day at a Time follows a Cuban-American family of a newly-separated mother with her two kids and their grandmother. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and so topically relevant. I love how the show handles modern social issues so well while keeping the humor. There’s stuff about race, sexism, and sexuality. Honestly it’s great from the first episode through the last, and I’m so glad it’s getting a second season.


another eternity by Purity Ring

This album is two years old and I listened to it a lot in 2015 when it first came out, but for some reason the past few months I’ve really gotten back into it. Purity Ring’s music is unique, the lyrics are well-written, and atmospheric. I normally don’t like to listen to music with lyrics when I study or write, but for some reason I find it really easy to listen to this album while doing those things. Here’s the Spotify link.

Beauty product:

Nyx Lipstick in Root beer Float

Lipstick is my favorite makeup product, and I actually generally tend to bolder colors (I will wear red lipstick all day every day), but for a more neutral tone, this lipstick is always, always my go-to in this particular shade. I think it’s universally flattering, it’s around $7 or $8, and it’s super comfortable. I wear it at least a couple of times every week.



I never knew that taking my vitamins could be fun, but it’s a habit I’ve managed to do every day for four weeks thanks to Habitica. Habitica is an app that basically makes your daily life a video game. You can enter in daily tasks, your to-do lists, and habits you want to create. If you check them off when you’ve done them, you can gain experience points and level up. The further you get the more things you can “buy”, and sometimes there are random check-in prizes. If you ignore your tasks, you loose health points. I will say I have encountered some bugs in the app, which is annoying, but it is FREE and rather complex for that, so. . .


Honey Sriracha Roasted Brussels Sprouts

One of the best food discoveries of the past few months has been realizing that Brussels sprouts can actually be delicious, as long as they’re not steamed into mush. I’ve been cooking these honey sriracha roasted Brussels sprouts AT LEAST once a week. I will say that I like spiciness, so I change the ratio from 3 spoons of honey: 1 spoon of sriracha to 2 spoons of honey: 1 spoon of sriracha. Otherwise it’s too sweet and not spicy enough for me.

 Your Turn!

What are you recommending lately? Feel free to recommend to me(and other readers!) books, TV shows, songs(or artists), apps, products, etc. in the comments! Also, what are your favorite things (other than books) to recommend to people? I’m considering adding podcasts into this feature, or maybe alternating the TV section with documentaries, since I like recommending those things too.



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