The Saturday Morning Cup: A Chat about Blogging

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saturday morning cup

Good morning! For anyone who doesn’t know, the Saturday morning cup is a feature on the blog in which I discuss random, non-bookish, often personal and/or vulnerable topics(though it’s open to anything, so sometimes are less serious than others!).

Today I just wanted to ramble about blogging, particularly this blog and where it’s going. I’ve realized lately I have a lot of conflicting feelings about my blog. I know every time I see a post come up in my reader about this topic, I always have a small moment where I assume the blogger wants to quit, so I just want to say: I don’t want to quit blogging! . . . but I don’t know exactly what I want to keep doing with the blog, or where it fits in my life.

Book.Blog.Bake. has been around for five years now. For a half a decade, I’ve kept this blog up as I graduated college, started a temporary job, finished that temporary job, had to move back home when I didn’t find another job in the same area, moved again, started graduate school, started a new job, FINISHED graduate school, and started working in a library. I’ve had a lot of changes in those five years, and I’m not the same person with the same interest as when I started this blog back at the end of 2012.

Most of my conflicted feelings come from the fact that books are part of my career now. I have a library science degree, and I don’t know where to draw the line between my bookish hobby and work. I love books, I will always love books, but it’s different knowing that there’s more of an intersection between those parts of my life now. I don’t really know how to keep those two things separate. . . but I want to. I know some people are perfectly happy mixing the parts of themselves, but I’ve always been someone who likes to have strong boundaries. I just function better that way, and now I feel like I have to adjust to something new.

As for what this means for the blog. . . I don’t know. Like I said, I definitely want to keep blogging because I do enjoy it, but at the same time I feel very stagnant with the blog and I have for awhile. That may mean I change how I review things or the kind of features I do, and there might be so growing things as I figure things out. So. . . do I have a point with this post? Kinda, but basically only to say that I’m rethinking the way I blog and the reasons behind it as I try to figure out this new chapter in my life. And for once, I’m excited about the possibility of change. I think one reason I’ve been able to blog as long as I have is that this blog is something I have complete control over, and I’ve always blogged for me first and other readers second. That means that even when I haven’t been as enthused about blogging, I’ve never felt like it was a chore or something I “had” to do. And if the blog goes in some new directions? Well, that’s completely my choice too.



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