August 2015 Wrap-Up

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WHOA August! Well, first of all, my classes started! I’m taking two classes this semester. The way my program is set up is that the three core classes are done *mostly* online, but there’s an in-person component at the beginning of the semester. Each class has two days of in-person lecture & other activities. Since I’m taking two, I was in class for two days. In fact, I just got back today(it’s really unusual for me to write a post on the day I plan for it to go live). I feel much better about my classes now. There will probably be some anxious moments because of the amount of work they will be, but I don’ feel nervous anymore.

Other random August happenings: I got out with a friend as I stopped by her town on the way to my class(and had the best stuffed avocado ever), upgraded my phone, caught up with a friend from high school(who is actually currently attending grad school close to where my grad school is, though currently I’m a distance learning student) and house-sat for my sister again for a weekend.



Nothing this month, though I have plans to start my annual Gilmore Girls rewatch.


My August playlist is rather short, but I did make one.



Eek, I only read 4 books. That’s really low for me. I had hoped to read more during my blogging hiatus, but no luck. August was a busy, busy month. The good news–I liked everything I read, though I did have two DNFs.

5 star Reads:

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

4 star Reads:

Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins
Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill
The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

3 Star Reads:


2 star Reads:


1 star & DNF Reads:

The Awesome by Eva Darrows(DNF)
The Distance Between Lost and Found (DNF)


I was on hiatus this month, so obviously no blog highlights in regards to post. . . but if you’re reading this in a feed reader, you might want to pop on over to the site, as it has a new look. I’ve been wanting a new design for awhile, and when the TweakMe v. 2 theme was 50% off, well, I couldn’t resist. I kept my color scheme the same mostly–green & blue with dark yellow for links and post titles–but the layout is much wider now, and I have WHITE SPACE! I’ve been wanting a nice, clean design with a lot of white space for awhile.

That being said, I’m back! I really enjoyed my hiatus, but by the end of the month I was ready to get back to blogging. I probably won’t be blogging as frequently going forward(because school), but I still hope to blog pretty consistently, probably two to four times a week. I already have most of September planned, so I’m excited to make my return.



Not a whole lot, just this really lovely piece on the lasting importance of Sookie St James(from Gilmore Girls).

Favorites favbook

The Handmaid’s Tale! 



I didn’t really have one! I read some great books, but none that made me reach for the highlighter or sticky tabs.



Oh, getting to hang out with my friend as a stop during my drive for sure! It had been way too long & felt great.



Annual August Hiatus

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My week of house-sitting for my sister didn’t end until Thursday, so I spent most of the week over there once again. Pros–fast internet, aka time to binge-watch on Netflix. Cons-Apparently I’m allergic to something in my sister’s house? My head was so stuffy the entire time! I’ve been home since Thursday morning and today […]

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